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Social media platforms are constantly put in head to head comparisons. So when Mat Siltala from Dream Systems Media did a post about his scorpion sting on all 3 social media platforms simultaneously, the intuitive nature of Mat kicked in. Between Facebook, Google+, and twitter, which platform would be most responsive to a post about scorpion stings? What would be your guess? The results may surprise you a bit.

Google+ Count

Have Matt in circles (2158) – That is a fairly good audience. Google+ is fresh. It’s the new upbeat social hang out. One could speculate that it has more real users… or not. But Google didn’t take the cake for Mat’s scorpion sting post.

Twitter Count

3,618 Followers РThat is a healthy twitter following. Mat Siltala has been a very busy busy body on twitter. His follower to follow ratio is fantastic. He puts out a steady stream of useful content. And he laughs out loud some funny infographics. But can twitter compete with the socialness of facebook?

Facebook Social Weight

Friends (602) – Clearly Mat is more selective with his Facebook audience. With a count of 602 the facebook¬†audience is a fraction of Mat’s Google+ and Twitter following. But honestly, Facebook seems to be more intimate. Mat’s lower friend count is because Mat is selective about who views his Facebook stream. And in Mat’s case, he shares things that are bit more private. So I naturally believed that Facebook would be the best setting for a conversation about scorpion stings. Regular life happens on facebook.

And the Scorpion Sting Survey Says…

Twitter wins!

So wait… twitter isn’t just about news and high-tech stuff? You can actually have a conversation on twitter about life? Do you want to know what I had for breakfast?

Okay… I will keep the meal tweets to a minimum. But I was shocked that twitter got the bulk of the interaction. Granted, this wasn’t a planned out scientific test so there are a number of variables that alter this example. But even still, a¬†pest control guy can pick up a conversation on twitter about bugs. And if you know how to¬†converse then you can effectively communicate with twitter. If you can communicate then you can market.

What are your thoughts on operation Scorpion Sting?

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While in school pursuing my marketing degree we brushed upon the subject of coupons.¬† Coupons can have their place in the promotion of products and services.¬†¬†However, one of the down falls is what the text book called “Coupon Dependency”.

What is Coupon Dependency?

Coupon Dependent:
A consumer whose purchase relies on a coupon or special offer.


Coupon dependency is when consumers associate a product or service with a coupon and will only buy with a coupon. Coupon dependency occurs typically after a consumer becomes aware of special offers received through coupons.  If the consumer perceives that these coupons are readily available then the consumer will withhold purchasing until they receive a coupon. Often times, coupon dependency, leads to a perception of lesser value than the suggested retail price. 

Case Study: Sonic Drive-In

Don’t laugh, but yes, I worked at Sonic. In fact, it was my first real job. I even car hopped on roller skates.¬† When I worked at Sonic, we would equip every tray with a coupon. One of¬†Sonic’s regular coupons on that tray was a buy-one-get-one-free Burger.¬† In fact, there is even a permanent¬†BOGO¬†Burger button on Sonic registers. Esentially 50% off retail. Sonic used these coupons for years. While working there I observed many individuals that would pull in and ask for a coupon sheet before ordering.¬† They were coupon dependant.¬†And if no coupons were available,¬†some of¬†these consumers would drive away. Heavily coupon dependent. Sonic no longer offers coupons on their trays.

Coupon Woes

In today’s online marketing race, more and more brands are competing for attention. Groupon¬†offers what no other mass media agency in the past could deliver. They offer a customer at a fixed price. A guaranteed sale. No more guessing what the ROI will be for a mass media campaign. No more playing to the numbers and eyeballing customer conversions based on the per 1000 audience reach. Groupon¬†takes out the complexity of marketing for the average business owner.¬† No dice roll. A simple, you offer it at X amount, give groupon¬†Y percent and you have a real live body for Z cost. While I am not going to argue if “Groupon’s Days are numbered“, I am going to say,¬† please read the fine print. As a business you are gambling with the perception of value.¬†If you rely solely on the merits of cutting your price in half then you will soon find your profits cut in half as well.

Coupons most certainly have their place in marketing and promotion, just understand the weapon you are carrying and the potential backfire it may have.

Google’s latest PPC test.

Posted: January 28, 2011 by Thos003 in Google Updates
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Info-Graph Spam for Pakistan Flood

Posted: August 25, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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I thought the purpose of hosting an info graph was to generate links that point to that info graph. Meaning, I create a concise, quick, easy to read, informational spread that provides good enough info that people will want to share. Adding spammy links??? Irrelevant links looking for only anchor text link building, yeah that’s pretty lame. It would also probably hurt your efforts since those that “get it” won’t push crap around. But does having links included make it spammy???…that could be in the eye of the beholder.

I was recently reading a blog where the blogger “apologized” for using his client as an example…. That’s a little extreme. If I am paying you to do SEO then I would hope that I would be used as an example where relevant and useful. If the information is good enough,the links relevant, and/or if they add to the conversation, please do include links on your info graph.

Not that I agree with the guys trying to scam links or trying to make it appear relevant and therefore get purchases because people believe buying vouchers is helping Pakistan… But if there needs to be a sponsor for an info graph then so be it. I don’t look negatively at GoDaddy for sponsoring the “Walk for the cure” in Phoenix every year.

Do I think that spammers will bring the death of the info graph? Not hardly.

Read Full Post here: Pakistan Floodbait: The End of The Info-Graphic

885 Social Sites… Man I am falling behind!!!

Posted: August 17, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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Just a few notes from a great article on Social Media…

“Poor Use of Social Media Has Negative, Long-Lasting Effects… perception.” Yes.

“it is important we understand what metrics matter”… What you actually want customers and not just traffic??? (sarcasm)

Love it.¬† The only 2 things I would disagree with… just a little…

1- “Unlike most marketing, the human element places a number of variables and issues that need to be taken into account (with social media)”

That should be all marketing.¬† If you are not marketing to the human element then your marketing is ineffective.¬† Per Seth Godin, “Mass marketing needs big numbers because it is ignored by the masses.” I don’t think Asa Chandler began using coupons to “brand” Coke.¬† He used them to give away free drinks “to people”, the human element. So in my opinion, all marketing needs that key element.

2- I’d like to say that spam is useless, but honestly, we both know that’s not true. If they weren’t making money and sales from it, they wouldn’t be doing it.

I must disagree.¬† Just because everyone is doing it and just because no one is doing cannot be an accurate way to measure something. Just because some people win the lottery does not make gambling a success. Just because no one has ever built a livable shelter on Mars does not mean it won’t work.

.. But again, I love the article overall… and don’t mind me I am just a pest control guy. =)

Read the full article:

885 Social Sites, SEO & Marketing: Fine Tuning Your Marketing Strategy

Pest Control Isn’t as Sexy as Tacos

Posted: July 5, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun
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Yes. I said it.

Last year I signed up for Pubcon, an internet marketing (SEO/SEM) conference.¬† Tony, a neighbor and friend of mine, told me I should go.¬† It just so happened that Tony was speaking at the event. At any rate, in preparation for the event I decided to have a little fun with the whole “Black Hat SEO” thing, and I bought and made “Black Shirt SEO”. Tony advised me otherwise and said that he appreciated the t-shirt but would not dare wear it at a SEO conference.¬† BTW this has to be the most expensive T-shirt I have ever bought.

Cost= Printing of shirt, domain registration, closely related domains, annual renewal cost, plus cost of t-shirts given away for free.

But I happen to be a Yellow Personality, which gives me a creative strength, a lack of organizational skills, and a overbearing drive for FUN!  And fun does not always = productivity.  In fact that is a rarity.  So the t-shirts are for fun first and for most.  But being a White Personality I am also big on relationships.  So I double dip and get a Fun Relationship Building T-Shirt. OR better said, give a fun relationship building t-shirt.

Matt Siltala Twitter Shirt

Matt Siltala Twitter Shirt SMX Seattle

Someone asked me, “What was your biggest take away from SMX?”


A little more insight. Alan Bleiweiss was one of a few people that responded back to me on the SMX connect. That impressed me and inspired me to return a favor. A free shirt. And his blog is full of very insightful observations, like the fact that lobby conversations can often carry more juicy tidbits than what speakers may be publicly sharing.

Never take Matt, or Rand, or Aaron, or Jill, or anyone in our industry at face value when you‚Äôre doing SEO.¬† If you‚Äôre not testing, and doing it properly, you‚Äôre not getting the most you can for your company…

Alan Bleiweiss, SMX Live Blogging

I know people are busy. But I read this vibe from some attendees that the “SEO Super Stars” are too good for the little guys. Granted I don’t know what if feels like to be a SEO superstar and be bombarded with questions all day long.¬† Plus the guys asking for help are the guys that want to take your business. But none the less, I believe in a karma, or general good will towards all men and women. I believe in the Golden Rule. I wish the world would take charity and kindness and pay it forward.¬† So I am all for sharing and learning and growing together.

Other attendees that inspired me that I felt privileged to meet, were people like Michelle McManus.¬† Yes I admit that I have a fondness for people from Tennessee.¬† I did grow up there.¬† But Michelle is a good wholesome in-house SEO girl that works for OHL, a global supply chain management company. Michelle also loves physics. She is a neat person that was willing to be a friend, say “Hi” and share some laughs.

And of course I met a lot of Canadian SEO guys that were very fun and savvy.¬† Rob adds some great insight to many of my internal debates.¬† It’s reassuring to have people you can trust in a world of Spyflu’s, hackers, and piggy-backers.

So it was great meeting you guys, and so many others. Sorry it took so long to post this since SMX was nearly a month ago now. But I look forward to hearing and seeing you guys again in the future.

SO… Pest Control may not be as Sexy as Tacos.
But meeting interesting people is even SEXIER.

Happy Belated 4th of July!

I am happy to say that I now possess a Certification in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies. Yes, I can hang a piece of paper on my wall signed by an instructor verify that I not only spent the time in class but that I passed their SEO test. But what does that mean to the rest of the world?

Well lets relate this to my favorite subject, Pest Control.  The State and Federal governments mandate that technicians be licensed in order to apply pest control products in and around structures for the purpose of controlling pests.  The above license requirements vary by state. Some states requiring hours spent under supervision of another authorized and licensed technician. Some states require so many hours in a classroom training environment.  Some states require continuing class room time to renew licenses.  And all states that I am familiar with require a successful completion of a state exam.  But does that mean that every state licensed pest control professional does the same work?  Does being state certified equate to being able to control pests?

An SEO certification is a little different in that there is no governing body mandating the completion of a SEO course prior to advertising that one is a SEO Guru.¬† There are no regulations for an SEO expert.¬† The value of a SEO certificate is determined by the course given and the individual’s application of the principals taught in that course.

With a State certified pest control technician I can at least assume that the technician is aware that he should not clean out a spray nozzle by putting it to his lips and blowing. (Yes this was an actual question on a state pest control exam.) With a certificate in SEO there really is no guarantee as to what they might know.

Even with the lack of a standard for SEO certification, one should be able to assume the following standards are met:

1- Knowledge that Black Hat SEO may get you banned from search engines.

2- Understanding of the bare essentials in meta tags for  a page: Title, Description, Keywords.

3- Understanding keyword rich content, and now a days, LSI or better said subject related content.

My opinion, those are the bare minimum standards that an SEO certificate should insure.

As for hiring a SEO team, does having a certificate make a team any more qualified?

Yes, to some degree a certificate verifies that someone has at least a general knowledge of SEO.  Yes, it attests that they have some SEO training.

No, having a certificate does not insure that an individual is more qualified then another non-certified SEO guy. The only credible measurement of an SEO’s ability is their portfolio.

Since there is no governing body or recognized standard an SEO certificate does not insure anything.  However, if all things were equal then I would take a certified SEO guy over a non-certified SEO guy.