Pest Control Isn’t as Sexy as Tacos

Posted: July 5, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun
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Yes. I said it.

Last year I signed up for Pubcon, an internet marketing (SEO/SEM) conference.  Tony, a neighbor and friend of mine, told me I should go.  It just so happened that Tony was speaking at the event. At any rate, in preparation for the event I decided to have a little fun with the whole “Black Hat SEO” thing, and I bought and made “Black Shirt SEO”. Tony advised me otherwise and said that he appreciated the t-shirt but would not dare wear it at a SEO conference.  BTW this has to be the most expensive T-shirt I have ever bought.

Cost= Printing of shirt, domain registration, closely related domains, annual renewal cost, plus cost of t-shirts given away for free.

But I happen to be a Yellow Personality, which gives me a creative strength, a lack of organizational skills, and a overbearing drive for FUN!  And fun does not always = productivity.  In fact that is a rarity.  So the t-shirts are for fun first and for most.  But being a White Personality I am also big on relationships.  So I double dip and get a Fun Relationship Building T-Shirt. OR better said, give a fun relationship building t-shirt.

Matt Siltala Twitter Shirt

Matt Siltala Twitter Shirt SMX Seattle

Someone asked me, “What was your biggest take away from SMX?”


A little more insight. Alan Bleiweiss was one of a few people that responded back to me on the SMX connect. That impressed me and inspired me to return a favor. A free shirt. And his blog is full of very insightful observations, like the fact that lobby conversations can often carry more juicy tidbits than what speakers may be publicly sharing.

Never take Matt, or Rand, or Aaron, or Jill, or anyone in our industry at face value when you’re doing SEO.  If you’re not testing, and doing it properly, you’re not getting the most you can for your company…

Alan Bleiweiss, SMX Live Blogging

I know people are busy. But I read this vibe from some attendees that the “SEO Super Stars” are too good for the little guys. Granted I don’t know what if feels like to be a SEO superstar and be bombarded with questions all day long.  Plus the guys asking for help are the guys that want to take your business. But none the less, I believe in a karma, or general good will towards all men and women. I believe in the Golden Rule. I wish the world would take charity and kindness and pay it forward.  So I am all for sharing and learning and growing together.

Other attendees that inspired me that I felt privileged to meet, were people like Michelle McManus.  Yes I admit that I have a fondness for people from Tennessee.  I did grow up there.  But Michelle is a good wholesome in-house SEO girl that works for OHL, a global supply chain management company. Michelle also loves physics. She is a neat person that was willing to be a friend, say “Hi” and share some laughs.

And of course I met a lot of Canadian SEO guys that were very fun and savvy.  Rob adds some great insight to many of my internal debates.  It’s reassuring to have people you can trust in a world of Spyflu’s, hackers, and piggy-backers.

So it was great meeting you guys, and so many others. Sorry it took so long to post this since SMX was nearly a month ago now. But I look forward to hearing and seeing you guys again in the future.

SO… Pest Control may not be as Sexy as Tacos.
But meeting interesting people is even SEXIER.

Happy Belated 4th of July!

  1. uh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news Thomas, however I feel obligated to inform you that Tacos aren’t sexy. At all.

    Pest Control. Now That’s hot! Well. okay. Pest control isn’t sexy either. Unless you’re a pest control groupie. Surely there’s pest control groupies out there somewhere. Right?

    • thos003 says:

      LOL- You had to be there. It was a comment I made in the social media session of Pubcon last year. They were discussing a local street taco guy that was using twitter to promote his business. I have not had much luck with promoting pest control services through twitter. So I started my question out with, “I know pest control isn’t as sexy at tacos…”

      Yes. There are some pest control groupies, but within one’s own industry few are quick to share. Plus, most pest control guys are just too busy working to really hang out as groupies. Or maybe I just smell bad???

    • Halvorsen says:

      Everyone uses that Taco cart guy as an example. Quite funny, really. What is that guys name again?

  2. Halvorsen says:

    I really wish I could have attended myself 😦

  3. Matt Siltala says:

    I should also point out that you missed MY session at SMX Advanced too!!!! Its ok though, I am a big boy and I will survive (even though we are practically neighbors too) hahahha Great job on the t-shirt and by the way I should mention that EVERYBODY stops me and has to read it, then I go into the spill about it and end up telling them where to find the most amazing “pest” ….. uh, control service out there!!! hahaha keep it up buddy – can’t wait to meet up again and get my free meals on with ya!!!!

    • thos003 says:

      About that session…. Sorry, but if you get me a free ticket then I will totally support you and your session next time. And I plan on attending your AZIMA panel. =)

      and about that “pest”… Yep. I know… I even made a t-shirt for myself that says “Yes. The pest control guy is a pest himself at times.”

  4. Halvorsen says:

    You should probably do a follow-up post with all the shirts you have had made. Hell, I’ll even send you a picture of me wearing the one you sent me.

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