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One of the best scorpion questions and answers ever. So I am not going to have too much to add, but I did want to put Mat’s comments up here. Pretty entertaining as well, but realize Mat is not a pest control guy so some of the information isn’t exactly right:

 From: Mat Siltala
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 12:00 PM
To: Matt McGee
Cc: Thomas Ballantyne
Subject: Re: Northern Scorpions

I will let Thomas the actual pest control guy answer this with a more verified answer, but I can speak with a little experience since I have been stung by a bark scorpion (which are not native where you are at) and which are one of the worst – and I lived to tell about it.

Everyone reacts differently. We have friends last night that had a two year old get stung by one and had to go to the hospital and get the anti venom treatment and was in ICU all night.

The littler you are the more effect they have.

It feels like a pulsating electric shock that is constant for like 18 – 24 hours … parts of mine lasted 48 which really sucked. My Father in Law who has been stung like 5 times now says its like a mosquito bite lol

…. they cant fly they are pretty blind from what I know and they cant climb glass (they say put your baby crib in mason jars if you live where scorpions are)

I think you guys will be ok … I would recommend getting a black light from home depot or walmart tonight and just have a fun “family night in excursion … don’t scare the kids) but go blacklighting for scorpions .. they light up crazy and its kinda fun when you find one (yea i know i am sick huh?) we find several in the house a month for a long time, but over the last year are finally getting them under control thanks to Thomas .. we only find 2-3 a year and we think it was because of the house being vacant for so long.

I wouldn’t stress about it … the bark ones down here are suppose to be the worse (most deadliest anyway for those allergic) but almost everyone in my family sans the kids have been stung and have lived to tell about it … I am actually kind of glad ive been stung so im not always worried about how bad its gonna be … it sucked and i dont ever want that again but i know what its like etc…

so blacklight the house tonight … under beds, in corners, in closets … they like to feel pressure on them so under stuff is where you will find them. if you have a block wall outside you can black light that too … we call those scorpion condo here and that is where most of them hang out … better on the wall outside than in my house right?

they sting from just the tail – in fact those crazy idiots at bulwark pick them up by the tail (not recommended)

small small small kids i would take to hospital but your kids just watch them … if they seem to have respitory problems then take them but not rush to hospital … cause most likely it will just hurt and they will be ok

the ones here usually i only see in groups of one …. so not sure how normal that is.

anyway … good luck and hope this helps.


Sorry, the email was too good not to post.

Scorpion Stings and Young Children

Mat did hit on one point, children are at great risk. The smaller you are the more effect the venom will have. It’s a simple body mass equation. Not unlike alcohol, toxins in your body are metabolized based on your body mass. The larger you are the more your body can cope with toxins. As a general rule of thumb, children are more susceptible to any type of poison. So parents have a valid concern when it comes to scorpions stinging babies and/or young children.

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Hey, buddy, uh…well.. I don’t know how to tell you this Kirk but your name is upside… Did you piss off twitter?

Just a fluke perhaps, but I found it funny that Kirk Yuhnke’s name was upside down on twitter.

And if you don’t follow Kirk you should. He’s a local Phoenix reporter covering morning News. Meet him at the ABC15 Live News Tweet-up they did.


Kirk didn’t do anything to make twitter upset, rather he found a site that writes text upside down for you then he cut and pasted it into his twitter account.

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Awhile back I participated in the Phoenix Warrior Dash, well that was tough enough for me. But a couple of my co-workers here at Bulwark Exterminating decided to do the Tough Mudder. Here is their video clip… produced by the Bulwark Exterminating Marketing Department.

Yes that was a Back Flip into that muddy water… Yes there were 1000 watts running through those wires, which caused Derrick to fall forward after loosing muscle control. Certainly not an event for the weak. Crawling through water filled tunnels. Swimming through ice cold water, chilled to the bone by dry ice. But apparently not too much for the Phoenix Scorpion Control team that kills the most deadly US scorpions you can find on a regular bases. Kicking butt and taking names.

Bulwark Exterminating… Hiring guys who aren’t your average pest control guy. You may call it over the top… I call Bulwark Extreme.

Thanks Team Bulwark for the awesome event and awesome footage.

Are you a Bulwark fan, customer, or employee? Want a sponsor for your local sports event? Contact me:

Bulwark Exterminating
40 N Central Ave #1400
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 652-2251

Friendly People in Houston.  Guy with a big stick… a rattle snake stick at that.  He was 6’8″ coming back from a cruise in Florida.  BTW… I had nothing to do with the Hurricane they named after me that happened to hit Florida the same week I did.  Hurricane Thomas and I have no affiliation.  Further I think there are better methods for natural pest control than a hurricane. 

And yes they let him on the plane with that snake stick of his.

Flying from Houston Pest Control to Phoenix Pest Control

Never let the glass run dry… Mark of excellent service.

Service with a smile.  Amazing the Southwest service provided to me, a pest control guy, by this happy Southwest employee. Las Vegas Pest Control services need to take note.


Google’s Rage Pank updated last week

Page Rank

Google Update Page Rank

Google updated their system last week.  Websites across the board were given their new report card, or PageRank.  PageRank was used to score a website’s authority and trust-ability.  Both of these factors are part of the ranking algorithm of the Mega-tron of search engines, Google. Today Page Rank is a little green indicator that reminds me of the blinking lights of a Star Wars cockpit… it’s a movie, the blinking lights are only there for effect. Yet, link builders still obsess about page rank.  SEO guys still loose sleep over PR sculpting.  And the bugs are still crawling through your walls since you haven’t called Bulwark.  =)

Page Rank is a SEO Pest

The once ever so important PR is now a fly buzzing around the heads of the SEO cesspools.  Do a search for “Phoenix Pest Control” and you will find in the results that the page with a PR=5, Truly Nolan is not on the top, and not even on the first page. Granted it is their home page and that page is not entirely optimized for a “Phoenix AZ” search.  Bulwark’s more specific page designed around the keywords of pest control, phoenix, AZ has a PR=4, it also doesn’t rank on the top of the results. So what does PR really do for SEO? I mean really? Great I give my SEO team a pat on the back for having a dozen or so pages on my website with PR=3.  Now show me the money!  I’ve got a hand full of PR=N/A pages ahead of me regardless of a whooping PR=4!

Position and Page Rank Correlation = N/A

#1 PR=1
#2 PR=3
Local business results for pest control near Phoenix, AZ – Google’s Map Section
#3 PR=2
#4 PR=3
#5…Pest+Control/…/T-Phoenix/ PR=N/A
#6 › PR=N/A
#7 PR=N/A
#8 – PR=4

Page Rank is Dead.

From my perspective, which is only limited by how I rank in the search engines, PageRank is DEAD.  And as of last week’s update, lost all of it’s PageRank.  Twitter PR=0.  Hey, if twitter can get away with a PR of zero then so can I.

Twitter Quote of Matt Cutts :

@mattcutts says”I know being a SERP I shouldn’t say this but Don’t worry about the searches” -Easy for u to say. Yes u SHOULD say it. #pubcon
Reply: @Thos003 glad I said it then 🙂

We can pretty much update that to: “DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE PAGERANK.”

Just swat that PR fly and move away from the SEO cesspool.


May 6, 2010 – Since google’s recent update the PageRank of sites were reset on google’s different data centers.  Not all data centers have been updated.  So Twitter has a PR=N/A on some data centers but not all data centers. So depending on the data center you are pulling your info from you will get different PR results.