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.XXX General Registration Opens Today. 

The TLD (top level domain) .XXX was created this year in hopes to give adult websites their own location online. While the idea of separating out adult material from the rest of web has it’s appeal, it seems that those buying domains don’t agree. Adult content websites argue that the annual price of $99.99 is unfair. Many in the adult industry don’t want the new TLD. Many businesses don’t want to be forced into buying yet another domain to prevent the abuse of their trademark. At $99.99/year, the price for little online reputation management is pretty steep. And the price of letting someone destroy your name?

Let’s Be Adults About This

Yes, that is really their tag line, hard to keep an adult face when you incite a chuckle with a tagline like that. But they apparently mean business. They only want those that use .XXX domains to offer adult entertainment. So as much as I’d enjoy the spoofs on “Live Naked Bugs”, I don’t think that would fall into the proper use for BUGS.XXX. And as funny as it might be, the domain itself isn’t likely to show up in a “safe search” and simply because of the .xxx TLD will be blocked from Net Nannies.

ICANN and the Swiss-based Universal Postal Uni...

So despite their tag line, being adult about it seems far from the majority of real life business scenarios. Most companies buy to prevent the abuse that comes from less than adult like activity. Stealing a brand’s good name is anything but adult-like conduct.

And that is your Pest Report. Buy now or forever hold your piece. (<— not a typo)

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Can Net Neutrality Exist with Ownership?

Posted: December 1, 2010 by Thos003 in business
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Take a peek back in US history and you will find a group of individuals that believed that land could not be owned. Those friendly natives where soon driven from the land they did not own and today are caged on land given. Some argue that it was back to them. But what can they argue, the natives didn’t believe that land had ownership. Someone else created and quantified a value for land and divided it up.

Complain as users may, arguing that the internet should be free for everyone will only get you a piece of a smaller pie. If you don’t believe in ownership then what can you say when someone that has created ownership? Those that can create, quantify, and ration out internet space will eventually put a price tag on it. If you want more than the guy next to you there will always be a way to find more, if one is willing to pay for it.

Ultimately, if a provider can own a back bone of the net then they can fence that section off as they see fit. Like it or not. There are owners on the net. If you like owning a domain then you might stop and consider that land in the US was once given away for free or next to nothing. Some of that free land has developed into high traffic metros. Key backbones of earth now are some of the highest priced commodities available.

If we are allowing ownership then get use to those that own. If you don’t like it, make your own.

While I find it amusing to be a ba-hum-BUG since I am a pest control guy, I feel that in this regard I am only stating what will be true. There are those already quantifying the air we breath and wish to regulate the CO2 one is allowed to own. Can one really own the air? If earth is owned then air is just one step up.
See today’s article on Forget Net Neutrality They believe Comcast broke the internets.

Here is the piece of the pie that is not being told… the government restricts who can be a provider. Therefore the net neutrality becomes an issue because of restrictions that the government puts on who can be a data provider. Hence my question, is it really ownership? Is the government preventing free internet by not allowing free ownership?

You can now see your competitors categories.  Just check the section that says, Nearby Places you might like…

Potentially lethal information, or just good to know what your neighbor is targeting, and to sizes up the competition…

Can you call it a scam if you just know where to find the info?

Just your neighborly Bulwark pest control guy saying….

Make it a great day!