Info-Graph Spam for Pakistan Flood

Posted: August 25, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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I thought the purpose of hosting an info graph was to generate links that point to that info graph. Meaning, I create a concise, quick, easy to read, informational spread that provides good enough info that people will want to share. Adding spammy links??? Irrelevant links looking for only anchor text link building, yeah that’s pretty lame. It would also probably hurt your efforts since those that “get it” won’t push crap around. But does having links included make it spammy???…that could be in the eye of the beholder.

I was recently reading a blog where the blogger “apologized” for using his client as an example…. That’s a little extreme. If I am paying you to do SEO then I would hope that I would be used as an example where relevant and useful. If the information is good enough,the links relevant, and/or if they add to the conversation, please do include links on your info graph.

Not that I agree with the guys trying to scam links or trying to make it appear relevant and therefore get purchases because people believe buying vouchers is helping Pakistan… But if there needs to be a sponsor for an info graph then so be it. I don’t look negatively at GoDaddy for sponsoring the “Walk for the cure” in Phoenix every year.

Do I think that spammers will bring the death of the info graph? Not hardly.

Read Full Post here: Pakistan Floodbait: The End of The Info-Graphic

  1. DennisG says:

    I hope you don’t point at me as being the SEO who was hired for pushing the spammy link with the infographic.
    I had nothing to do with it, I just wrote about it!
    I would refuse such a job!


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