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We all know that spiders are scary even when it’s not Halloween. So what do the 5 Scariest Spiders dress up like for Halloween to give you a real freight? Well we took a peek at this year’s festive costumes of the Black Widow Spider, the Brown Recluse Spider, the Tarantula, the Camel Spider, and the Desert Hairy Scorpion. But who wore it best? Which spider/arachnid is taking home the scariest spider prize? Who needs spider control?

Check it out and vote below:

Scariest Spiders

Black Widow cast herself as Lidsay Lohan (a repeat offender… referring to last year’s Halloween Treat) Sorry Scarlet Johansson but you won’t be playing the Black Widow tonight, but the shy Brown Recluse Spider may have found your cell phone. Sir Herman Cain gets props on his Godfather’s Pizza from the Tarantula. The military boys had enough influence on the Camel Spider that Ron Paul gets the Camel Spider vote. And well, the Desert Hairy Scorpion is feared enough so digging out a scary costume meant going for the gold in fear force names, Chuck Norris.

To Vote and Enter for our Halloween Treat

Two Options and 2 chances:

1- Login to Facebook and Vote on our Facebook Poll:

2- Tweet your vote with a link to this post: “I vote _______ as the scariest spider:”

The Poll Closes on Halloween at Midnight. So vote by Oct. 31st.

Introducing my latest video. Let me know what you think.

Bulwark Exterminating has done a lot of work to become proficient in the art of scorpion control.

Scorpions are common in Las Vegas, Austin, Phoenix, and San Antonio. They can also be found in Houston and Atlanta, but are less frequent in these locations. Fortunately, Bulwark’s pest control services cover all of these areas.

If you are in need of Phoenix Scorpion Control then don’t hesitate to call.

You can find reviews of Bulwark’s services by clicking here: Phoenix Scorpion Control

Dear Bugs,
Please remove yourself from
the vicinity in an orderly fashion.
Please don’t force us to squash you.
( licensed to kill )

Holistic pest control? Yes. Effective? No.
Please tell me which you like better. Thanks!

Does pouring alcohol/liquor on a scorpion cause it to sting itself to death?

We tried 40 proof Vodka and the scorpion didn’t like it, tried to attack the liquor, and lived to tell about it!  And this all happened because of @redlincook bringing this myth to my attention through twitter.  Overall #AZIMA was a huge success last night.  Just the info on a few unknown tools was worth the money.  Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised.  Most people I run into that love twitter and social media can’t articulate it’s benefits to me.  The panel last night gave me more history on how, where, why, and when to use social media.  Funny enough @jaybear says that he spends a lot of time talking companies out of social media.  “It’s not doing social media.  It’s being social.”  He then gave some great insight on metrics that you can use to track social media efforts. Either way, with a scorpion in hand I was bound to make a few new friends…. even if a few think I am the pest that needs to be under control.

So thank you for a wonderful evening!  Special mentions for the panel – Rebecca Armendariz – For her inadvertent mention of scorpions. And for some great pointers on dealing with social media in a regulated industry. Brandie Feuer – Planet Hollywood gave insight into using twitter as a customer service tool and the audience that twitter caters to. And @USair, thanks, sorry don’t know who the guy on the panel was….

@careypena3tvCarey Peña – Special congrats on standing for the whole show while being pregnant with twins!

Need Scorpion Control?

Marketing 101 – What separates you from the Crowd?

Marketing 201 – Staying ahead of the crowd.

Once you have successfully separated yourself from the crowd you will get noticed.  Getting noticed by customers and potential customers is great, but getting noticed by competitors may be a bad thing.  Essentially if you cut the road to a new found success, your competitors will jump on the same road.

Why then would I be so liberal to share what we know?

I believe that the leader that finds the new territory and reaps the market domination will remain the leader for a good period of time.  Perhaps the oil pump will run dry, but its still valuable while it runs.  But more importantly I believe that competition makes us better.  It makes every one better, which ultimately is a good thing for the consumers.

How do you stay ahead once your a leader?

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” – Arie P. De Geus

Continued learning and reading. Is not a secrect. Its not a trick. Its improvement one step at a time and it consistent improvement.  That’s it. Get ahead and stay ahead.

What separates you from the competition? This question is the key to any marketing strategy and often the key to success for any business. Although some may venture through life never asking this question, enjoying success, and never giving any thought to the multiple variables that make them successful.  Again, what separates you from the pack, answered or not is a key element to business survival. It may be your location, it may be your name, it may be your excellent service, but for whatever reason, your customers have a choice and they choose you.  Knowing why they choose you can be huge!For those that leave this question unanswered and are still successful, you most likely could amplify that success by answering and exploiting your differences.

One example for Bulwark has been their ability to focus and conquer a very difficult pest, scorpions. Constant and successful scorpion control does not come by mere luck.  Bulwark’s owner took the time to research, test, and evaluate different scorpion control methods and ideas.  After success and failure, a real scorpion solution was found.  Bulwark, as a modest and small family pest control company, didn’t do much to expound upon this success.  However, the customers that realized the magnitude of effective scorpion control spoke out and communicated this to their friends.  Now, after hearing the voices of thousands of happy scorpion free customers, Bulwark doesn’t just get noticed for scorpion control, no its better then a mere pat on the back, they get recommendations from other pest control companies.  They get referred to by local Home Depot representatives as the scorpion specialists.

Now,  the goal of a good marketing team is to magnify and amplify those voices and that service.  Today, its hard not to find Bulwark if you search for scorpions in the areas they serve…  or if you search for just scorpion control period.