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2011Q2 Google Earnings Slides

Google as a whole is moving so incredibly fast and so far up the revenue ladder that its intimidating. I am impressed by what google has accomplished and their record breaking growth. But as a business owner and customer, I am saddened by the lack of concern and attention I am given. I feel like an ant on Google’s boot along for a great ride, but if I draw google’s attention then I am going to get flicked off or worse, squashed and rolled into a ball. As much as I hate that google doesn’t seem to care about me as a local pest control business who buys from them, I really feel that riding on the bottom of their boot will still move me further faster.

Honestly, I hated seeing google get picked on in congressional hearings. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I see the government stepping in to play big bully brother. Letting government steal freedoms from my neighboring business means opening up the doors to my coffers as well. But google would do well to make themselves more endearing to those that buy from them. As one SEO put it, “Without and friends, no one is going to help pick them up


Need Phoenix Ant Control?

Ants are an increasing problem in many US cities. The weather fluctuations often cause short bursts of ant problems. But beyond weather, there are also many new threats on the ant scene. Rasberry Ants have introduced a whole new level of terror as they spread like a plague across Texas and into other Southern states. Argentine ants continue to build their family ties. They are a family of ants that do not compete with each other, thus the family that stays together conquers the world together. And most ant problems are made worse when they are attacked by poorly equipped homeowners. An ant colony will bud, spread out, and bunker down when the colony is attacked. Often, homeowners believe they have been successful with their can of bug spray because the ants will disappear for a time. Well they may disappear but they are not gone. Even if you killed off every ant you saw, the bulk of the ant colony will remain safe and out of fire. Only 20% of the ant colony every leaves at a time. So the would be do-it-yourself pest controller kills off some of the forgers. The colony goes into submission. Rebuilds. And one month later the home owners beloved house is invaded again, by the same colony.

Yes. Ant control is usually best left to the professionals.

The ants are coming this year, as every year to Southern California. Due to the heavy rains we had this past winter, ant colonies are expected to have grown larger than prior years. But with drought plans restricting water usage, I am sure that those ants will be marching indoors this spring and summer, making homeowners crazy as they wake up to a breakfast table full of ants, or come home for dinner, only to find that ants beat them to dinner. W … Read More

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Just a little Friday fun. Here is an image on “PEST CONTROL”

Are your pests under control?

pest controlled

Bulwark has your pest under control.

The real question is “If I had the powers of Moses and could create a pest plague would I?”

“Ye shall see a pestilence of roaches storming upon your home in 7 days….”

… I love my job, but NOT enough to will a plague of pests on the world.

Make it a great weekend!