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Social media platforms are constantly put in head to head comparisons. So when Mat Siltala from Dream Systems Media did a post about his scorpion sting on all 3 social media platforms simultaneously, the intuitive nature of Mat kicked in. Between Facebook, Google+, and twitter, which platform would be most responsive to a post about scorpion stings? What would be your guess? The results may surprise you a bit.

Google+ Count

Have Matt in circles (2158) – That is a fairly good audience. Google+ is fresh. It’s the new upbeat social hang out. One could speculate that it has more real users… or not. But Google didn’t take the cake for Mat’s scorpion sting post.

Twitter Count

3,618 Followers – That is a healthy twitter following. Mat Siltala has been a very busy busy body on twitter. His follower to follow ratio is fantastic. He puts out a steady stream of useful content. And he laughs out loud some funny infographics. But can twitter compete with the socialness of facebook?

Facebook Social Weight

Friends (602) – Clearly Mat is more selective with his Facebook audience. With a count of 602 the facebook audience is a fraction of Mat’s Google+ and Twitter following. But honestly, Facebook seems to be more intimate. Mat’s lower friend count is because Mat is selective about who views his Facebook stream. And in Mat’s case, he shares things that are bit more private. So I naturally believed that Facebook would be the best setting for a conversation about scorpion stings. Regular life happens on facebook.

And the Scorpion Sting Survey Says…

Twitter wins!

So wait… twitter isn’t just about news and high-tech stuff? You can actually have a conversation on twitter about life? Do you want to know what I had for breakfast?

Okay… I will keep the meal tweets to a minimum. But I was shocked that twitter got the bulk of the interaction. Granted, this wasn’t a planned out scientific test so there are a number of variables that alter this example. But even still, a pest control guy can pick up a conversation on twitter about bugs. And if you know how to converse then you can effectively communicate with twitter. If you can communicate then you can market.

What are your thoughts on operation Scorpion Sting?

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Social Content is now hitting the first page of Google… in Beta.

My Social Circle - My Social Content

Searching the net today for my placement and competitor comparison I found a spammer, so I logged in to vote the guy down. Of course, I have often wondered what that little voting button really does for me. Well, I don’t believe it does much to try and vote spammers off the first page of google. It seems totally ridiculous that a wordpress blog with no content and a huge banner image stating “Rent this Domain” ranks on the first page simply because of an exact match. But that’s off topic. So here is the big news….

My Social Circle – My Social Content

Ranking number 10 on the first page of google is “Social Content”. Your Social circle and social content are created by users you have associated with in your gmail account.  Or users in your twitter account that you’ve associated with your profile.  You can login into your social network and see where the data is coming from.

Your friends vote on pages they like.  If that page is associated to your search then those positive votes are shown on the first page of the SERPS.  Check out the image above for the google search results on “Pest Control Mesa“.  How nice.  My friends are making recommendations for me and I didn’t even have to ask them.

Side Note- Recently heard that 64% of housewives look to friends for recommendations on services…. not sure how accurate that is but it sounds pretty close. =)

So I pulled up my wife’s gmail account…. Did a search for “Pest Control Phoenix” and got this in my social section:

So how does this work?  Well since I happen to know the guy that created the top link, I also happen to know that he voted up that content.  So all those votes that you can add for a website that seemed worthless… ???

What does this mean for SEO?

Fewer first page positions. The organics are down to 9 positions of organic content to fight for on the first page of google if the googler is logged in.  And just an FYI for the SEM team… Positions 7 through 10 get about the same number of clicks as all of your PPCs.  So yes, that number 10 spot still holds value.  My fellow partner in crime said, “So how do we get our results to show up there?”  The answer: “GET SOME FRIENDS.”

Google wants real users.  They want real people.  Google began by building the a machine that did all the work for them.  Now they have such a huge array of products that they use live “Human Testing.”  Login, plugin, and let google tap your brain through your little fingers.

Google is going to rule the World Pinky.

Give them free stuff, like free cheese sitting on a mouse trap. Free email. Free blog space.  Free photo space.  And once they are plugged into the matrix we’ve got em.  And the beauty of it is that they won’t want to leave!

…..And that my little friend Pinky is how google is going to Rule the World.