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I am happy to say that I now possess a Certification in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies. Yes, I can hang a piece of paper on my wall signed by an instructor verify that I not only spent the time in class but that I passed their SEO test. But what does that mean to the rest of the world?

Well lets relate this to my favorite subject, Pest Control.  The State and Federal governments mandate that technicians be licensed in order to apply pest control products in and around structures for the purpose of controlling pests.  The above license requirements vary by state. Some states requiring hours spent under supervision of another authorized and licensed technician. Some states require so many hours in a classroom training environment.  Some states require continuing class room time to renew licenses.  And all states that I am familiar with require a successful completion of a state exam.  But does that mean that every state licensed pest control professional does the same work?  Does being state certified equate to being able to control pests?

An SEO certification is a little different in that there is no governing body mandating the completion of a SEO course prior to advertising that one is a SEO Guru.¬† There are no regulations for an SEO expert.¬† The value of a SEO certificate is determined by the course given and the individual’s application of the principals taught in that course.

With a State certified pest control technician I can at least assume that the technician is aware that he should not clean out a spray nozzle by putting it to his lips and blowing. (Yes this was an actual question on a state pest control exam.) With a certificate in SEO there really is no guarantee as to what they might know.

Even with the lack of a standard for SEO certification, one should be able to assume the following standards are met:

1- Knowledge that Black Hat SEO may get you banned from search engines.

2- Understanding of the bare essentials in meta tags for  a page: Title, Description, Keywords.

3- Understanding keyword rich content, and now a days, LSI or better said subject related content.

My opinion, those are the bare minimum standards that an SEO certificate should insure.

As for hiring a SEO team, does having a certificate make a team any more qualified?

Yes, to some degree a certificate verifies that someone has at least a general knowledge of SEO.  Yes, it attests that they have some SEO training.

No, having a certificate does not insure that an individual is more qualified then another non-certified SEO guy. The only credible measurement of an SEO’s ability is their portfolio.

Since there is no governing body or recognized standard an SEO certificate does not insure anything.  However, if all things were equal then I would take a certified SEO guy over a non-certified SEO guy.

What does that have to with pest control?

Just got through reading a post on marketing and they questioned the use of facebook and twitter. I agree, similar to my previous post there is a lot of hype about SEO tools and SEO stuff all of which is bugging me, because its like the emperor’s new clothes a bunch of hype with no fabric to it.¬† Or this year’s big “Green Washing” marketing tactic. For many its a pitch.¬† No substance to it.

Good business is good business.¬† Good marketing on the other hand….
Twitter – A tool.
Facebook – A tool.
Hammer- A Tool.
What you do with the tool is what makes the difference.

You can use a hammer to build a building or use the same hammer to bring a building down.

same tool… your choice.

If you can combine good business with good marketing then you’ve got a two punch combo worth talking about. That’s where SEO comes to into play.

There is no sense pushing a product that does not carry its weight in gold.¬† Pushing products that don’t give a customer what they want is a short term mentality.¬† Its a losing game plan.¬† But adding a little push to a product or service, like Bulwark’s pest control service, that already has momentum, well then you are just fueling the fire.¬† And big fires get noticed. So start by building a good service,¬† find under served customers, ask them what’s bugging them, and then fix it.¬† Create a solution to someone’s problem.¬† See a need, fill a need.

SEO signing off.

Get your SEO here.

Marketing Tactics 101-

The following is a record of a recent run in I had with a Primerica representative.¬† This individual contacted me via an email address and a phone number that I provided on a Boy Scouts of America sign in sheet for Safe Swim.¬† (A little bit of background, I volunteer as an Assistant Scout Master to the local Boy Scout Troop, chartered by my religious organization)¬† While I wasn’t too upset at the original call or the follow up and the emails, I have to question the sincerity of this individual for my welfare.


—–Original Message—–
From: Bryan *****

Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 7:43 PM
To: Thomas
Subject: Re: Nice meeting you at Safe Swim Defense…

I wanted to ask a favor…I think I may have mentioned I do financial advising; well with my new office out here I’m looking to expand and know that the more people who know what I am doing the better. I wanted to see if you’d be willing to briefly meet up to allow me to show you what I do…worst case scenario, you may know someone who might be good at what I do or could benefit from my services. I’d sure appreciate your help–have a great day!

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 3:04 PM, Thomas wrote:

Hey Bryan,

I got a phone call from you the other day.  Just following up with you.  My uncle is a financial planner so when I do get around to opening up my IRAs I will be contacting him.

If he is unavailable then I will give you a chance.


—–Original Message—–
From: Bryan
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:35 PM
To: Thomas
Subject: Re: Nice meeting you at Safe Swim Defense…

Sounds good…I got your message and I appreciate your follow up.¬† Sorry I hadn’t called back yet.¬† As I was reading your email Trent K********* (my wife’s cousin and National Sales¬†Director in Primerica)¬†popped his head in my office and says he remembers you from several years ago–small world!¬† Regardless of your interest in becoming my client I would still like to meet up with you at some point…just let me know.¬† What firm is your uncle with?¬† Make it a great day!


—–Original Message—–
From: Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:36 PM
To: Bryan
Subject: RE: Nice meeting you at Safe Swim Defense…

Sorry, but if you‚Äôre doing Primerica then you have a tough road ahead of you.¬† My advice… RUN.


—–Original Message—–
From: Bryan ******
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:45 PM
To: Thomas
Subject: Re: Nice meeting you at Safe Swim Defense…

Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t a good one.¬† For me it’s been unbelievable!¬† We’ve already went over $50k/year in income¬†and I love educating clients on how to become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent.¬† I WILL succeed at this.¬† I appreciate your concern and good luck¬†to you in your indeavors.


—–Reply Message—–


I learned something from my experience at Primerica, I was there for 2 years and had over 20 people in my down line.¬† I won’t go into details about my experience.¬† But I was able to learn and grow from it.

One of¬†the reasons I left was because I¬†hated walking around looking at people with $ signs in my eyes.¬† It cheapens relationships.¬† My buddy Rob, former¬†Primerica teammate,¬†called me up about 2 months ago.¬† I was happy to hear from him.¬† It had been over a year since I last spoke with him.¬†A few minutes later he is asking me to investigate and give my opinion on a new energy drink business…¬† I find out its just another pitch on yet another MLM business. I was saddened by this.

$50k, $300k,… I am beyond putting a price on my life and my friends.¬† I have sufficient for my needs.

In my opinion, Primerica offers some great grounds for helping people manage their finances. That’s a good thing. However, I do believe there are better products and options out there. Products, options, and services that take less from the customer’s pocket. Weighing the company as a whole, I dislike what Primercia stands for.¬† It is as they are mixing a little good and a little truth with a lot of crap….¬† It seems to me, “The philosophies of man, mingled with scripture.”

That’s my opinion from my personal experience.¬† That’s what I witnessed.

Funny, I still have this vivid memory of sitting with Lucy at lunch and she said to me, “Wow, its great that you are starting this so early in life.¬† Just imagine, never having to worry about buying diapers, or paying your bills.”

… She seemed so sincere at the time.¬† To her credit, what she foretold came true.

I truly¬†hope for¬†your success.¬†If Primerica is what will bring you your definition of success then I am happy for you.¬† If it doesn’t then I am sure that you¬†can create your success somewhere else.¬†I believe that God rewards us as he promises and that our blessings are received based on adherence to principles as God has defined.

…Why I felt compelled to write this to you, I am not sure.¬† Do with it as you see fit.



So what does this have to do with marketing and pest control services?

I believe in doing what’s right for the customer.¬† I believe in doing what’s right for the company.¬† Its a win/win situation.¬† Its a mutual understanding a respect for what each party is contributing to the relationship.¬† Its not a one sizes fits all and everyone needs to jump aboard.¬† In fact, I am sure that there certain individuals that despise pest control companies altogether.

So back to the point.¬† “Nothing rings truer than the truth.”

Marketing based on false info, scare tactics, or other manipulative grounds is a short term game strategy.  MLM feeds on false ideas:

1-Get Rich Quick/ Get rich Easy.

2- Fear that if you miss this opportunity then you will fall behind and you may never catch up.

3- Its for everyone and anyone./Anyone can do it.

Its a short term game strategy for most MLMs.  Which means you are forever rebuilding and replacing.

But this mentality isn’t just found in MLMs.¬† Its found in all types of businesses.¬† From carpet cleaners, restaurants, retail shops, SEO companies, to pest control operators. Call it short game strategy or¬† penny-wise and dollar dumb.¬† I believe its unfulfilling and unproductive.

Honesty shouldn’t be the best policy, it should be the only policy.

P.S. Perhaps I would have felt differently had he asked my permission to contact me.

Funny, this comment seems to bring back debates on “what came first, the chicken or the egg.” How can you get visitors to your site if you are not being found? How can you be found if you are not feeding the Search Engine Beast?

Seriously, how quick and easy is it for visitors to come and go online. Its not like you are holding a meeting where its considered rude to stand up and walk out. Its online media. Come and go as you please. So the more visitors you get the more likely you are too succeed. Throw the spaghetti and see what sticks!

But if your throwing up all crappy uncooked noodles then what good does it do to have 1 million visitors if not a single one turns a profit? Oh I know why, because a million visitors will turn a profit! If you get them away from a search engine then give them only adsense options on your site to find the real and relevant content you get paid! So the visitors only become a numbered guest or a dollar sign. And the guys that think like that are more motivated to move sites then guys who are passionate about their subject or field of expertise. Why? Because we are busy in our field of expertise and not is some online computer SEO game.

For example, this site is about SEO for pest control companies. I have written this entire post with no regards to SEO optimization for pest control until now. Had I wanted better ranking for pest control I would have titled this differently and I would have mentioned related pest control terms over and over again. Trying to make it read as nice as possible, but not so secretively doing it strictly for SEO. But instead I am truly writing to write. I am writing because I am passionate about content quality vs search engine garbage. But, truthfully, as much as this page and site are about SEO, I highly doubt that I will ever turn a profit from my efforts here.

So I write to write. In fact, I don’t really even care if this post ever gets read. I hope that it does, but I am more interested in the few like minded pest control companies that are concerned about quality of product, quality of service and customer care first. Perhaps they will stumble upon this and together we can beat out the beast and the billion dollar companies. I think we can. The math shows that we, the little family owned pest control companies out number the big guys. But my question goes back to the same question that this post began with…. “Quality vs Quantity”

Are you a pest control company that cares? Do you put your customers first? Are you a SEO company that cares about your visitors (i.e. customers)? Do you put visitors first?

If you do, the road may be longer. It may be harder. But the success is also longer and more rewarding. My father taught me that a good business deal is when both parties walk away feeling like they have been treated fairly.

Doing what’s right for the customer = Doing what’s right for the company. Win – Win.

SEO and WordPress

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SEO and wordpress seem to go hand in hand lately.  Google just loves to be fed and what better way to feed google then with a RSS feed?  Yes it seems cliche, but its true!  Give google what they want and they will be more likely to return the favor!  So if your not using an RSS feed on your site then try a wordpress blog!

It is really very simple and you can easily do it yourself…. visit to sign up.

But just a word to the wise, in order for your blog to be really sucessful you need to add food to the feed and you need to do it regularly.¬† Just like your pet doesn’t want to be feed on a spartic schedule, your readers and google want consistent food.¬† So start slow, maybe one or two posts a month, then make it consistent.¬† If you are little more ambitious then try a post a week.

But don’t get too excited and start by posting daily!¬† If you do and then you actual get subscibers they will be disappointed when you loose steam and can’t keep up…. and ultimatley they will become disenfrancised and leave.