885 Social Sites… Man I am falling behind!!!

Posted: August 17, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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Just a few notes from a great article on Social Media…

“Poor Use of Social Media Has Negative, Long-Lasting Effects… perception.” Yes.

“it is important we understand what metrics matter”… What you actually want customers and not just traffic??? (sarcasm)

Love it.  The only 2 things I would disagree with… just a little…

1- “Unlike most marketing, the human element places a number of variables and issues that need to be taken into account (with social media)”

That should be all marketing.  If you are not marketing to the human element then your marketing is ineffective.  Per Seth Godin, “Mass marketing needs big numbers because it is ignored by the masses.” I don’t think Asa Chandler began using coupons to “brand” Coke.  He used them to give away free drinks “to people”, the human element. So in my opinion, all marketing needs that key element.

2- I’d like to say that spam is useless, but honestly, we both know that’s not true. If they weren’t making money and sales from it, they wouldn’t be doing it.

I must disagree.  Just because everyone is doing it and just because no one is doing cannot be an accurate way to measure something. Just because some people win the lottery does not make gambling a success. Just because no one has ever built a livable shelter on Mars does not mean it won’t work.

.. But again, I love the article overall… and don’t mind me I am just a pest control guy. =)

Read the full article:

885 Social Sites, SEO & Marketing: Fine Tuning Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Hello Mr Pest Control!

    Thanks so much for featuring this post here and for disagreeing. (No, seriously, I mean it!)

    Your first disagreement, I can fully agree with when you look at it that way. Perhaps it was bad wording on my part. With television, radio, and news ads, for example, you can do your best to tailor your advertising, but ultimately, you’re blanket advertising. With SM, however, you’re able to market directly to an individual who can do a number of different things that will alter the metrics/ROI businesses measure. For example, a TV add that reaches 10 million people isn’t necessarily a success. Connecting with 10 million people…well, that’s different.

    As for the spam, we’ll have to disagree. It’s making people tons of money, when it’s done correctly. I personally know of several. One actually makes more from spam than the tools s/he sells to combat it 🙂 Do I think it should be a valid method? Nope. Would I do it? Nope, but it is out there.

    Thanks for the great discussion!


    • thos003 says:

      Yes. I know a couple of spammers myself that have made money with their spamming tactics. So I can agree with you a little on this, but as a percentage base, I would say that most spammers are not making the mad cash they claim they are and that their systems are a short term gain with heavy risks. It also seems to me that the time and energy spent could be more productive else where. So yes, we both know spammers that make money. Agreed.

      But mainly I disagree with the philosophy that if everyone else is doing it then it must be working.

      It is a great discussion and thanks for adding to it. And overall your article is wonderful. Lots of great advice. Lots of good direction.

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