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So every now and again I have to brag a little about the amazing Bulwark Exterminating team in Las Vegas, but this time it isn’t just me. Angie’s list recognizes less than 5% of their business each year with their Super Service Award. Not only is getting on to Angie’s list via a members recommendation a big deal, but earning an Award for service is HUGE!

I can’t take any credit for this. Wayne Bryant in Las Vegas runs a fantastic operation. I am constantly amazed at how well he manages and motivates his team. And he’s not a behind the desk manager. He gets out in the field as well. In fact, here is an interview of one of the customers he personally serviced to ensure her a scorpion free Las Vegas home.

Bulwark Exterminating, 3932 Octagon Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Bulwark Exterminating, 2129 Industrial Rd #203, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102
Bulwark Exterminating,, 2707 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030
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Mesa pest control branch also earned the Angie’s list Super Service Award. >> Mesa Exterminator Receives Angie’s List Super Service Award

Friendly People in Houston.  Guy with a big stick… a rattle snake stick at that.  He was 6’8″ coming back from a cruise in Florida.  BTW… I had nothing to do with the Hurricane they named after me that happened to hit Florida the same week I did.  Hurricane Thomas and I have no affiliation.  Further I think there are better methods for natural pest control than a hurricane. 

And yes they let him on the plane with that snake stick of his.

Flying from Houston Pest Control to Phoenix Pest Control

Never let the glass run dry… Mark of excellent service.

Service with a smile.  Amazing the Southwest service provided to me, a pest control guy, by this happy Southwest employee. Las Vegas Pest Control services need to take note.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Matt Cutts for fixing your google maps! (Not sure if he deserves all the credit but he was the google employee that reassured me that this would happen).  I must say that I am very optimistic about google maps and the direction they are heading.  Here are a couple of things you may want to be aware of when it comes to the future of google maps:

1st and most important…

Google Map extends to service areas of businesses!

This is the best news I have had all week!  In fact, Matt Cutts and Google will be receiving thanks in my Thanksgivings celebration this week! I had the pleasure of addressing my concern to Matt at Pubcon two weeks ago, thanks to an introduction given by Kate Morris, an SEM Gem.

Matt essentially admitted that google was cleaning up the mess it had accumulated from mining the information that was out there for local search. He assured me that the most recent update in the google maps was that they were now pushing their own information for the map results, not 3rd party info.  I mentioned my concern in that the current maps only showed listings within the actual metro city and that this was not reflective of the service areas of many service companies, (cough “Pest Control companies” cough). Matt assured me that they were aware of this and that they were working to correct this….

Two weeks later I get this…

Phoenix Pest Control Map by Google Maps

Phoenix Pest Control Map in Google Maps

So if you notice the map title “Pest Control near Tempe, AZ” … Go through the results and you will notice that the first listing “A” falls right on the town of Tempe.  But “C” Bulwark Exterminating is not within the Tempe city limits… Awwesoooome!

Again… Tempe results show Bulwark Exterminating… not in Tempe… Actual address…

Bulwark Exterminating – Phoenix Pest Control
10401 N 91st Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

Two weeks ago this search would only give results in Tempe.  Now it gives results of companies that service Tempe but don’t fall within Tempe, AZ.  Thank you Google! FYI I have only experienced this phenomenon in the Phoenix area. But I have high hopes that this will roll out to our cities.

2ndly an update for the San Fransisco maps…

Google is currently beta testing their google maps for advertising:

Future of Google maps

Search done for San Francisco Attorney

Good? … possibly. What if I were already in the top 7, would I get charged for the click? And when they click on the map the sponsored listings no longer show.  The down side I see to this is that the sponsored listings don’t show the reviews. Reviews are huge for CTR.  I would prefer the sponsored list show my reviews and take you to the google review page. But as I have not tested this yet, I really have no constructive input. Just making you aware of what is on the horizon. Great thing about the internet is that you can always test… the bad thing is that you are always testing.

So as always… “The Future is so Bright that I’ve go to wear shades.” (Yes I am singing in my head.)

What a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!