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I was doing a little check up on my local maps section for Houston Pest Control, and I came across an ad space that I have never seen before. Google now places ads under a businesses name. Very interesting.

Residential Pest Contol Service in Houston

I wonder how effective this ad is. It does have the benefit of finding an audience that is searching for relevant businesses. Those that buy from Orkin would be potential consumers for Bulwark Exterminating. This could indeed be a great ad space. On the other hand, those that are looking for Bulwark will most likely not be interested in a competitors ad, so long as Bulwark is taking care of it’s customers. In which case this ad will perform poorly. I guess the only way to know is to test. If you are going to test these ads then you may want to consider long and hard about what you will use to differentiate yourself from your competitor. If Google would allow me to create a unique ad for each of my competitors then I could see this as being even that much more effective.

“Have you considered buying from a Family Owned Pest Control company?”

“We offer a guaranteed scorpion control service in writing, do they?”

“Does your service suck? Tired of Corporate pest control?”

“We are the only Houston Pest Control Service with an Angie’s Award.”

As always, test, review, improve.

And if you need Houston Residential Pest Control Service:

Bulwark Exterminating‎
10900 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041
(281) 668-4930

Friendly People in Houston.  Guy with a big stick… a rattle snake stick at that.  He was 6’8″ coming back from a cruise in Florida.  BTW… I had nothing to do with the Hurricane they named after me that happened to hit Florida the same week I did.  Hurricane Thomas and I have no affiliation.  Further I think there are better methods for natural pest control than a hurricane. 

And yes they let him on the plane with that snake stick of his.

Flying from Houston Pest Control to Phoenix Pest Control

Never let the glass run dry… Mark of excellent service.

Service with a smile.  Amazing the Southwest service provided to me, a pest control guy, by this happy Southwest employee. Las Vegas Pest Control services need to take note.