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You can now see your competitors categories.  Just check the section that says, Nearby Places you might like…

Potentially lethal information, or just good to know what your neighbor is targeting, and to sizes up the competition…

Can you call it a scam if you just know where to find the info?

Just your neighborly Bulwark pest control guy saying….

Make it a great day!

Google Maps, 7 Box???

Posted: October 7, 2009 by Thos003 in Google Updates, Marketing, SEO
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Google has been undergoing a lot of face lifts recently.  As of date, google’s 2009 maps addition have made a huge impact on search results and overall website traffic.  The maps are stealing some if not most of the spot light for many searches.  And if you haven’t caught this google wave then build your ship and get on board.

What’s new as of today, is that the coveted “10 box” or “pack 10” for local searches is now down to 7!

That’s right, you will find only 7 local companies now when you search for “Pest Control Austin TX“…   Let’s try again 7-box when you search for “Pest Control Mesa AZ“. Just barely above the cut on that one…

The new limit is 7! Which may not be a big deal,… unless you were 8, 9, 0r 10.  That is just the way google crumbles.

Wait, your not seeing what I am seeing in your results?

Oh yeah, as of today on 3 separate pieces of equipment from, 3 different IP addresses, I got 3 totally different results.  Google Local Search Results are now popping up everywhere!

Here is a quick tally for search term “pest control” (of course)…

I-Phone – #19 (used to search this before) Different top placements for 1,2,3…

PC – #19 (used to search this before) Different top placements 1,2,3,…

Blackberry – #13 (Never searched for pest control before) Similar top 1,2,3, as I-phone different than PC.

GOOGLE!!!! Quit changing my results!

Oh, and as far as the maps go… If you put in your location, or let it locate you through your IP address it will give you map results based on proximity.  If my IP is in Raleigh, NC… it gives me a different 10, I mean 7, on the map results.  If I change my location to a zip code it changes, if I change my location to a city it changes again.  Each time it pulls the listings that are closest to your IP, Zip Code, or City location and the listings that are most relevant to your search.

Soooo, forget optimizing your location for the entire metro area!  Unless, the niche isn’t that competitive. It is internet real estate where value is based on location, location, and location.

Hope this helps!

* Search results will vary based on user, device, browser, IP address, web history, search term, and other undetermined factors, therefore we are not sure what results are typical and make no claims as to testimonials given hereof, or thereof.

** and for my FTC disclaimer… If you consider this a Google review then your wrong. It’s a Google Report, either way Google did not pay me for this.  I am however associated with a pest control company, so if you see a link that says Exterminator Tulsa and it points to a particular website then yes I did that on purpose and yes they pay me to work for them, but, this is kinda not work stuff… so classify it as you wish.  Man I love my job!

P.S. You can optimize for an entire metro as a key word… try “Austin Pest Control”, but google is changing the way people search by adding local results to service terms, like “pest control”.  Why add in my location if google will give me results based on my location?