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You can now see your competitors categories.  Just check the section that says, Nearby Places you might like…

Potentially lethal information, or just good to know what your neighbor is targeting, and to sizes up the competition…

Can you call it a scam if you just know where to find the info?

Just your neighborly Bulwark pest control guy saying….

Make it a great day!

Bat Removal

Tulsa Pest Control

Bats are among the many pests that Tulsa OK has flying around. Tulsa residents are begging for exterminators to control the wasps and bees that have begun buzzing around town. Next month will no doubtingly bring in a colony or two of marching ants.

The May March of Ants 2010 is almost here!
Get your Tulsa Ant Control today, before they breach the walls of your home!

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Bat cones are a humane method of bat removal and approved by bat conservation organizations, and bat control experts