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Posted: June 29, 2009 by Thos003 in business, Marketing, pest control, SEO
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What separates you from the competition? This question is the key to any marketing strategy and often the key to success for any business. Although some may venture through life never asking this question, enjoying success, and never giving any thought to the multiple variables that make them successful.Β  Again, what separates you from the pack, answered or not is a key element to business survival. It may be your location, it may be your name, it may be your excellent service, but for whatever reason, your customers have a choice and they choose you.Β  Knowing why they choose you can be huge!For those that leave this question unanswered and are still successful, you most likely could amplify that success by answering and exploiting your differences.

One example for Bulwark has been their ability to focus and conquer a very difficult pest, scorpions. Constant and successful scorpion control does not come by mere luck.Β  Bulwark’s owner took the time to research, test, and evaluate different scorpion control methods and ideas.Β  After success and failure, a real scorpion solution was found.Β  Bulwark, as a modest and small family pest control company, didn’t do much to expound upon this success.Β  However, the customers that realized the magnitude of effective scorpion control spoke out and communicated this to their friends.Β  Now, after hearing the voices of thousands of happy scorpion free customers, Bulwark doesn’t just get noticed for scorpion control, no its better then a mere pat on the back, they get recommendations from other pest control companies.Β  They get referred to by local Home Depot representatives as the scorpion specialists.

Now,Β  the goal of a good marketing team is to magnify and amplify those voices and that service.Β  Today, its hard not to find Bulwark if you search for scorpions in the areas they serve…Β  or if you search for just scorpion control period.

  1. Great article, thanks!

    I have found that even in an “overcrowded” market any business can still have a successful marketing campaign. The trick is to have a relatively unique identity / offerings / services — therefore having something for customers to come back to and refer others.

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  9. Gerry says:

    In San Diego, scorpions are rare visitors. I’ve had them in my own house on two occasions. Once I found a scorpion under my toothpaste! Another time I found one crawling across the one tiled floor in our living room.

    I wish we had them more frequently, because as they are now, while we preventatively treat for them, I really don’t have a good sense of whether we are being effective or not. It is so much easier to know your results with ants or rats.

    How often are you getting calls for scorpions? Are you able to see the results quickly and visibly or are results more based on customer reports of less scorpion sightings.

    • thos003 says:

      Results are based on customer reports gained through customer follow up. Scorpions are nocturnal so it’s hard to visibly see the results during working hours.

  10. Best Pest Control in Douglasville says:

    Great post. We just came across it. Most pest control providers don’t find their niche, or their key differentiator, and they suffer because of it. Every region or area has something like what you mentioned. This is great advice! Thanks for your willingness to share with the industry.

  11. craig says:

    Hi just looked at blogs and realise that in south africa I neva heard of scorpion treatments or prevention which is really interesting. We do pest control and notice that there so many business that go into this industry I find that if you really passionate and committed about ur business you will succeed.


    Pest man

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