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Hello from Google!

For a limited time, Yellowbook will set up a new AdWords account just for you and build your online advertising campaigns at no charge.* And even better, you get a $100 Google AdWords credit to get started. This is a great opportunity for you to have Yellowbook professionally manage your AdWords campaigns….

Sincerely, Your Google AdWords Team

Did Google team up with a Yellow Page directory?

Per a rep from yellowbook, these emails were only going to people that had adwords programs and that had stopped. If these people picked up a 3rd party and began a new and different account then yes, they could be receiving a solicitation from Google endorsing YellowBook as an Adwords Partner. This is indeed a rare occasion that Google would actually email out and name a 3rd party partner. This also means that other adwords certified companies could have clients receiving this email from Google. And this potentially means that these other 3rd parties will loose clients to Yellowbook because of Google’s mention of YellowBook and seeming endorsement.

I imagine that Google’s position will be the same as when the in-house Adwords team solicited me, “I am sorry we can’t do business with you if you are an existing adwords advertiser with one of our partners.” But disenfranchised adwords clients may simply say, “I no longer do business with that 3rd party”, as they cut ties and move to the endorsed party. Further, the reps from will have every monetary incentive to take clients even if policy states that they should not.

What Happened to Google’s Internal Adwords Team?

It is interesting to note that Google has revamped their internal adwords out reach team. Apparently that team has been dismantled. The rep from yellowbook seems to believe that Google is now trusting Yellow Book to be “their feet on the ground.” YellowBook is also offering SEO services. They guarantee a first page placement and then maintenance there after. Part of that strategy includes pages such as this: This Yellow Page Company wants to provide every marketing service a small business could desire, from phonebook to mailers.

Funny that Google seems to endorse a yellow pages company. Last time I checked Google…

Screen Shot from Google

Advice to Internet Marketers

My advice to internet marketers, keep your customers happy. Know how to communicate with them. Stay current with them and keep working for them. If you stop performing and reporting then you will loose clients to Google’s email. Because, yes, the field of internet marketing is getting tighter.

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The latest from Google says yellow pages are going, going, gone!

Yellow Pages are …

Screen Shot from Google

Google’s suggest search means that these are terms search frequently enough to warrant a “Suggest Search”  True or not if it’s said often enough it becomes reality and the public’s perception is reality.

So what do people think…

yellow pages are dead

yellow pages are dying

and my personal favorite of the bunch… How many yellow pages are there?

But let’s not forget the news papers…

Newspapers are dying too

Suggested or related searches to newspapers


The online public opinion of newspapers…

News Papers are….

dying, dead, obsolete, doomed, and a waste of time.

Of course they still have a little more life in them when compared to the yellow pages as some think the newspapers are

Important, Not Dead

FYI… every honest marketing expert I know has said that the yellow pages are dying… Most of my yellow page reps left their jobs last year.

Is there still a use for Yellow pages… Absolutely. I still believe in using them as a directory… but I don’t expect the dinosaurs to come back to life.

Top 3 effective uses for yellow pages:

3- A booster seat.

2- Kindling for fires.

1- A way to get chicks if you can ripe it in half.

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