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ASU based in Phoenix AZ awards this Cockroach the top 10 new species award. The Leaproach is the only known roach that can actually jump. Watch the slow motion video of this newly discovered species:

Wheweeee… now that is some good hopping.

What is curious is that the guy that discovered them claims: “The jumping motion likely didn’t evolve to avoid predators, although that may be a benefit. More likely, says Picker, it helps leaproaches spread out to find mates and track down their favorite food: Protein-packed grasshopper poop”

Hmmm… how does he know that it’s not a defensive evolution? And how can he be certain that they didn’t just pick up some super grasshopper poop laced with toxic grasshopper gene’s along the way? Perhaps the real story hear is that we now have evidence that Spider-man could actually have a plausible story line. Well that is, if Spider-man ate spider poop. “You are what you eat.”… “You eat poop for breakfast?”

Someone please call in the Phoenix Roach Control guys before I hurt myself!



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Does pouring alcohol/liquor on a scorpion cause it to sting itself to death?

We tried 40 proof Vodka and the scorpion didn’t like it, tried to attack the liquor, and lived to tell about it!  And this all happened because of @redlincook bringing this myth to my attention through twitter.  Overall #AZIMA was a huge success last night.  Just the info on a few unknown tools was worth the money.  Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised.  Most people I run into that love twitter and social media can’t articulate it’s benefits to me.  The panel last night gave me more history on how, where, why, and when to use social media.  Funny enough @jaybear says that he spends a lot of time talking companies out of social media.  “It’s not doing social media.  It’s being social.”  He then gave some great insight on metrics that you can use to track social media efforts. Either way, with a scorpion in hand I was bound to make a few new friends…. even if a few think I am the pest that needs to be under control.

So thank you for a wonderful evening!  Special mentions for the panel – Rebecca Armendariz – For her inadvertent mention of scorpions. And for some great pointers on dealing with social media in a regulated industry. Brandie Feuer – Planet Hollywood gave insight into using twitter as a customer service tool and the audience that twitter caters to. And @USair, thanks, sorry don’t know who the guy on the panel was….

@careypena3tvCarey Peña – Special congrats on standing for the whole show while being pregnant with twins!

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