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A Promoted Tweet on Pest Control term by an electrical company?

“Technology has to be invented or adopted.”  – Jared Diamond

Okay so this is a cool quote and all, but why?

Why would GE want to promote this tweet on the pest control stream? Where is the connection? Did someone just do some keyword research and find pest control related to technology?  Are exterminators a large consumer of light bulbs? Sorry, just not getting it.  Pest Control Technology… Hmmm…. I mean there is a pest control technology magazine. And I often feel that Bulwark Exterminating is becoming more of a technology company than a residential pest control service… but still not getting the full picture here.

I guess the plus side to this is that I am blogging about this simply out of awe. But does it make me more inclined to buy from the promoter of said tweet?

Pubcon-Pest-Control Guy -Austin TX

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Bat Removal

Tulsa Pest Control

Bats are among the many pests that Tulsa OK has flying around. Tulsa residents are begging for exterminators to control the wasps and bees that have begun buzzing around town. Next month will no doubtingly bring in a colony or two of marching ants.

The May March of Ants 2010 is almost here!
Get your Tulsa Ant Control today, before they breach the walls of your home!

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Bat cones are a humane method of bat removal and approved by bat conservation organizations, and bat control experts