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I am not going to lie, it’s pretty freaking ingenious. Especially if Starbucks is paying on a per click base. I’m guessing that this little ad is worth it’s weight for both facebook and Starbucks. If only pest control were as cool as coffee. Unless… maybe… do you think customers would buy pest control for their friends??? Uh… Nevermind. Snap out of it. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Facebook Birthday Targeting

Apparently at one point they had birthday targeting. Then it seems they relinquished it. Perhaps now it has a 2nd life in this new ad layout.  Facebook birthday ads are back. Perhaps this time to stay since they may actually be targeting the birthday present buyers rather than the birthday present receivers??

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Joanna Lord - On the Floor Early for Mozcon

Everything Coffee

Prices are increasing on all kinds of goods, but the coffee estimate shocked me the most. Coffee is estimated to reach $41.20 per pound! And get your free t-shirts now because I don’t think I can afford to hand out shirts that cost me $16.27. See it here:

What do you spend on average for a pound of coffee now? At what point would you kick the coffee habit?