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Google changes their layout on the search page and adds an 11th contender. Count it:

Most believe that this is to increase revenue. But does it not also devalue the top 10 spots as well? If the goal is only to get on the first page then that 11th spot for a cheaper click is better then the 10th spot. So will it mean more revenue? I don’t believe that Google will sell themselves short. It may not mean any more revenue but it won’t mean any less. It could just mean more information. Information is king. Google thrives off of information.

The added options on the left do make the new layout more interesting and perhaps divides up the pie a little more. Having an image that ranks well for your target search just increased in value. Having a video for your keyword search just increased your chance of getting noticed. Having a blog or news spot, (news is relative, and I am shocked at what is deemed “news worthy” in the pest control industry)… none the less, if you can get Google to post your content in any one of these off shoots then it is going to improve your online marketing efforts.

And hey, I don’t mind picking up the 11th man spot on the sponsored side. Better to be 11th on the first page then 1st on the second page.