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What do these 3 things have in common? SEO, coolness, and CONTEST!… So does Mike really deserves to win this contest?

BlueGlass TPA

BlueGlass TPA (Tampa, Florida) search marketing conference will have a tight group of SEO professionals. Smaller group means more opportunity to brain storm with with the mega minds of SEO. (Only 20 seats left… )

Authority Labs

Phoenix based company, Authority Labs,  is offering a free ticket to Bleuglass. They are pretty cool and their software rocks SEO socks as well.

Mike Halvorsen employee, who fought an Epic SEO Columbus battle, and likes to speed down Seattle street ways in Aston Martins. He also played a sweet game or two of pool with Mr. Matt Cutts of google.
And if you get Mike and Dennis G. together you will bet a lot more of this…
SMX-Thos003 (95)
Or we could look at this in a new light. Mike Halvorsen knows how to shoot a gun. So to Terrorist Proof an Airline, TPA, Mike wearing some handlebars is the way to go.

Who Deserves That Ticket to the Upcoming BlueGlass TPA?

<———– That was a link to Mike’s site. … click it to see his reasoning.

And here are a few take aways I got from last years Florida trip:

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Will be my first time in Seattle and first SMX event.  Looking forward to getting away with my wife for a few days as well. Just making some last minute preparations.  Tweaking a website here and there…. But what I am most eager to share are these shirts:

“I know being a SERP I shouldn’t say this but Don’t worry about the searches

~ @MattCutts

“There is no such thing as Black Hat, White Hat, or Grey Hat SEO. It’s all calculated risk.” ~ @BruceClay


“Thinking of dropping your link spam? Consider this. Seriously, STOP & READ. The guy who runs Google’s spam fighting team? I know him pretty well.” ~ @DannySullivan


“When the SEO cesspool is cleaned up, all that should be left are unicorns, rainbows, kittens, ponies and puppies!”  ~ @AlanBleiweiss


“Do you really think that a girl with … two obvious features is going to help make you 10k a month?” (Don’t answer that.) ~ @Matt_Siltala



is a proud supporter of @ArnieK and Vertical Measures.


“Estimated that I’ve spent ~2,500 hours blogging over the last 6 years. This means I need another 18 to reach “outlier” status.” @RandFish

“You know how when you’re drunk and singing in the streets after a conference, you hope there’s no video camera around?” @RandFish

I am Michelle McManus, and I am inspired by Physics. What more do you need to know about my SEO qualifications?  @OHLtweets

“There is always a message to get out, and you are always hoping for an action, but if you push too hard you end up cannibalizing any of the time spent on getting the message out there.” @JoannaLord


is a recognized fan and follower of @Efishkin


(yes I did that on purpose)



The funniest thing about this shirt is that by the time you realize it’s a joke it’s too late to stop the permanent stamp my website is leaving on your brain.

“Getting your quote on a t-shirt is like good SEO. Build a good website, put it in front of the right people, and it will be found. Say something worth repeating in front of the right person and it will get quoted.”

~ @tshirtSEO


is a supporter of and follower of @jquipp

“I agree with Bruce Clay. Forget about white hat, grey hat, black hat SEO… go with Black Shirt SEO!”

~ @tshirtseo

“I prefer to keep most of my SEO in House, so I don’t have to deal with the out-house crap. =)

~ @Thos003

“You’re a marketing company cold calling me… If your marketing is that great then why are you calling me?”


“I didn’t build my site for the search engine I built it for me.”

~ @Thos003

“I am sorry, but we have no marketing budget this year for things that don’t work.”

~ @Thos003


“I am sorry but the owner does not want to move forward and I advised him that he shouldn’t.”

– @Thos003

“Might just use Bing all day. Getting tired of Pac-Man noise.”


“It’s kinda a mix between white hat and black hat, I call it Green Hat.”

–    @tshirtSEO


“If your proposal isn’t good enough to send me in an email then I’m probably not interested.”

–    @Thos003


BTW if you take me too seriously then you don’t really know me… but get to know me and then you can take me seriously… on the serious stuff of course.



Here goes SMX ADV – Seattle 2010

If you want a shirt and you’re not on the list then you better tell me NOW.

BTW- Thanks Matt for the post! Good Example of Getting Yourself Known. Just so you know that post was completely unprovoked and was not requested.  Thanks again Matt and the pleasure was all mine.