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It’s really nice that Google will tell what you want to know.

Screenshot from within Google Boost today. Pretty funny. Just another small bug they are dealing with in the recent updates to local. Beyond the shock of pending ads and Google’s candid answer about Google Boost, local search is taking another leap forward. … I wish I could take credit for the recent jump, but alas I cannot. I can only take satisfaction in it.

And to quote an amazing programer:

“Its amazing that you can go online and search for an answer on anything, but its even more amazing that there are so many people that are still as dumb rocks out there.” -Yes Dude

Showing up for his first ever Google plus hangout…

Yes, Jon Henshaw brought a phone for his mic, and ear. Actually not a bad idea if you want to hang out at work and look like your are still busy.

“So if I don’t have a webcam, you pretty much can’t hangout in Google+”

Google+ hangout is probably the biggest advantage Google has over the competitors right now.

FYI- Turn off your email alerts or your Gmail will look like this:

So will Google+ survive?

The problem is that grandma from facebook may visit Google+ for a family video chat, but grandma doesn’t want to start over with a new platform. Facebook has the party, as much as they may be hated for user privacy. Yes, Facebook even made the top 19 most hated companies list by Rueters. So no one wants to pick up and leave. Any online community manager will tell you that “USERS HATE CHANGE.” Google+ is novel right now but will it fade?

If you want more on user feedback for Google Plus:

Final words from the pest control guy

What Google has failed to do is establish a core group of users. Pick a niche, develop a community, and build from there.

I am happy to say that I now possess a Certification in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies. Yes, I can hang a piece of paper on my wall signed by an instructor verify that I not only spent the time in class but that I passed their SEO test. But what does that mean to the rest of the world?

Well lets relate this to my favorite subject, Pest Control.  The State and Federal governments mandate that technicians be licensed in order to apply pest control products in and around structures for the purpose of controlling pests.  The above license requirements vary by state. Some states requiring hours spent under supervision of another authorized and licensed technician. Some states require so many hours in a classroom training environment.  Some states require continuing class room time to renew licenses.  And all states that I am familiar with require a successful completion of a state exam.  But does that mean that every state licensed pest control professional does the same work?  Does being state certified equate to being able to control pests?

An SEO certification is a little different in that there is no governing body mandating the completion of a SEO course prior to advertising that one is a SEO Guru.  There are no regulations for an SEO expert.  The value of a SEO certificate is determined by the course given and the individual’s application of the principals taught in that course.

With a State certified pest control technician I can at least assume that the technician is aware that he should not clean out a spray nozzle by putting it to his lips and blowing. (Yes this was an actual question on a state pest control exam.) With a certificate in SEO there really is no guarantee as to what they might know.

Even with the lack of a standard for SEO certification, one should be able to assume the following standards are met:

1- Knowledge that Black Hat SEO may get you banned from search engines.

2- Understanding of the bare essentials in meta tags for  a page: Title, Description, Keywords.

3- Understanding keyword rich content, and now a days, LSI or better said subject related content.

My opinion, those are the bare minimum standards that an SEO certificate should insure.

As for hiring a SEO team, does having a certificate make a team any more qualified?

Yes, to some degree a certificate verifies that someone has at least a general knowledge of SEO.  Yes, it attests that they have some SEO training.

No, having a certificate does not insure that an individual is more qualified then another non-certified SEO guy. The only credible measurement of an SEO’s ability is their portfolio.

Since there is no governing body or recognized standard an SEO certificate does not insure anything.  However, if all things were equal then I would take a certified SEO guy over a non-certified SEO guy.

I decided to up my SEO knowledge so I meet up with some local SEO people.

As I sat in the room I was instantly awe struck by a woman and man as they walked in.  This husband gently lead guided his wife into the room. She was wearing sunglasses and carrying a walking stick under her arm.  At closer examination the husband was also carrying a walking stick although he was not using it. It was apparent that she is blind and he is visually impaired.

What could I make of this?  A blind SEO team?  As I sat I watched with wonder how he searched the internet.  As the group meet up progressed and the group was asked to review some sites, I was able to personally witness how she, a completely blind individual surfed the internet.  What an amazing perspective! I listened to her computer speaking to her as she browsed the page.  It was a totally and completely new view on SEO, optimizing a site to be accessible for the blind.  And here they were, an expert SEO team, certified by the search engine academy, ready to give their feedback on SEO and usability from their totally unique and different view.

I was inspired today and applaud that SEO team.

Funny, this comment seems to bring back debates on “what came first, the chicken or the egg.” How can you get visitors to your site if you are not being found? How can you be found if you are not feeding the Search Engine Beast?

Seriously, how quick and easy is it for visitors to come and go online. Its not like you are holding a meeting where its considered rude to stand up and walk out. Its online media. Come and go as you please. So the more visitors you get the more likely you are too succeed. Throw the spaghetti and see what sticks!

But if your throwing up all crappy uncooked noodles then what good does it do to have 1 million visitors if not a single one turns a profit? Oh I know why, because a million visitors will turn a profit! If you get them away from a search engine then give them only adsense options on your site to find the real and relevant content you get paid! So the visitors only become a numbered guest or a dollar sign. And the guys that think like that are more motivated to move sites then guys who are passionate about their subject or field of expertise. Why? Because we are busy in our field of expertise and not is some online computer SEO game.

For example, this site is about SEO for pest control companies. I have written this entire post with no regards to SEO optimization for pest control until now. Had I wanted better ranking for pest control I would have titled this differently and I would have mentioned related pest control terms over and over again. Trying to make it read as nice as possible, but not so secretively doing it strictly for SEO. But instead I am truly writing to write. I am writing because I am passionate about content quality vs search engine garbage. But, truthfully, as much as this page and site are about SEO, I highly doubt that I will ever turn a profit from my efforts here.

So I write to write. In fact, I don’t really even care if this post ever gets read. I hope that it does, but I am more interested in the few like minded pest control companies that are concerned about quality of product, quality of service and customer care first. Perhaps they will stumble upon this and together we can beat out the beast and the billion dollar companies. I think we can. The math shows that we, the little family owned pest control companies out number the big guys. But my question goes back to the same question that this post began with…. “Quality vs Quantity”

Are you a pest control company that cares? Do you put your customers first? Are you a SEO company that cares about your visitors (i.e. customers)? Do you put visitors first?

If you do, the road may be longer. It may be harder. But the success is also longer and more rewarding. My father taught me that a good business deal is when both parties walk away feeling like they have been treated fairly.

Doing what’s right for the customer = Doing what’s right for the company. Win – Win.