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Spider Pest Control

I caught this little guy joy riding on the front of my car today. The photo was shot through my windshield. The little spider attached its silk thread to the window and waited until I began to move. As the wind picked up, off he leapt. And away he went hoping the wind would carry him to a bright new future and home. Sadly, as the wind was only produced upon the movement of my vehicle this little spider didn’t make it far. And most likely is laying dead in the road some where.

Spring Spiders Ballooning

Cluster ballooning Some rights reserved. Free ...

The process by which spiderlings will often spread is called “Ballooning”. They spin a little silk from their abdomen and let it loose in the breeze. The silk acts like a parachute or kite, lifting the small spider into the air and off to new heights. They often don’t travel far. A few yards is common. A hundred yards if the wind is just right, which is enough to escort them to the second floor of a home, carrying them safely over the pesticide barrier. So yes, even really good spider control services have a bit of trouble come spring.

 Cool Facts about Ballooning spiders:

 How High Can Ballooning Spiders Go? 16,000 feet.

Would you believe me if I said 16,000 Feet? Well you should, because these little critters have actually be found on data balloons that collect air samples at this height. 16,000 Feet.

Adult Spiders Balloon too, just not as often.

Ballooning isn’t recommended for most adult spiders. Being heavier they stand to hurt themselves a lot more than a little baby spider. However, there are a few adults that do get out and balloon it up. In fact, some social spiders do this when the heat rises, using the rising heat waves to carry them away. Ballooning without wind sounds pretty risky to me. Luckily that crazy spider family isn’t found in the United States. The Stegodyphus are most common in Asia, Europe, and Africa. But a few of them made it to Brazil.

Ever heard of Gossamer?

Gossamer is the name that was given to this very fine silk used for ballooning. The name gossamer was passed onto fabrics composed of very fine light threads. The gossamer fabric is popular among white wedding dresses. Interestingly enough, they didn’t actually know that what they had name gossamer was spider silk when they first named it.

Spiders are in Spring Fashion

Yep, High Paris Fashion at that. But that is so last 20’10 spring spider season. Spiders invading other areas. …Scary glasses.

Spiders in High Fashion

Spiders in High Fashion - Freaky or Fabulous? Giles's Spring Spiders

Need Bulwark Spider Control?

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Here are some screen shots for the new Google local look. From gray place page markers to blue advertiser markers and down to red organic markers. The script highlights the organic marker while hovering the map. It will also pop up snippets for the organic results. Advertisers don’t get snippets. But they do get a cool blue marker after you scroll over the PPC ad. I searched Phoenix Pest Control first.

Screen shot for Phoenix Pest Control. Always nice to see pest control ratings in good standings. Way to go Bulwark Exterminating.

The above is the pop out for the listing. New as well is the feedback. All good companies look for feedback.

What the bug is this? Is that a spam parked page hosted by godaddyo on the first page and in the place pages for a Houston Pest Control search? Sounds like a real pest problem there.

Back to pest control ratings and reviews if you highlight the map there is the snippet. Bulwark Pest Control… 4.5 stars? Not bad for a Phoenix exterminator.

Oh… a little pest management would really help here. How does a page have 2 different review counts? Why is the screen shot for show the home page of Why do you keep hitting the reset button?

A little scripting error here as well. The marker is highlighting Bulwark Exterminating in Mesa AZ, when it should be showing the scorpion control ad below for spray plus.

And yes, bug state has a real location. I am just surprised that the spam sites are not getting sucked up here. Pest control to the rescue!

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