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Dear Bugs,
Please remove yourself from
the vicinity in an orderly fashion.
Please don’t force us to squash you.
( licensed to kill )

Holistic pest control? Yes. Effective? No.
Please tell me which you like better. Thanks!

Wingless Ladybugs used for “Organic Pest Control”. Fantastic, I can now go down to the local Home Depot and buy myself a bag of chilled close to frozen ladybugs dump them on my rosebushes and whala!  Clean, green, organic, natural pest control.  Ladybugs, nature’s best defense against aphids.  The problem is keeping my investment to stick around.  Until now, with the invention of wingless ladybugs!  Now they can’t fly away.

Its pretty amazing how far science has moved forward.  This latest invention is probably the best DNA alteration since the seedless watermelon!  Its not only a very green way to save rose bushes from aphids and other nursery pests, but its completely natural!!!… or is it?

Honestly I think its extremely hypocritical, very ironic, and even oxymoronic.  The garden loving organic growing groupies love the idea of using all natural pest control solutions.  They love the idea of using completely organic pest control.  So the idea of using lady bugs is very appealing.  Heck its even appealing to me, not for the organic side but the sheer fact that rose bushes are so sensitive to any and all products sprayed on them, organic or not. But come on, you are okay with altering a living organisms DNA so that it no longer has wings, but creating man made synthetic pesticides is wrong?

Pyrethoroid, man made products based on pyretherins the all natural product derived from a Chrysanthemum flower. Same chemical make up, but not organic because its man-made.  The same debate goes on with Hexa-Hydroxyl, when EcoSmart made a product with all natural ingredients to formulate Hexa-Hydroxyl, the EPA said, “No Way!”.  Even if it looks the same and acts the same its the man made alternative, so you can’t use the term Hexa-Hydroxyl.

But when it comes to altering a bugs DNA, then its okay? So DNA altered Wingless Ladybugs for natural organic pest control is okay, but a man made pesticide that memics natural pest control products isn’t. Like I said, its ironic, hypocritical, and an oxymoron…. Gets your all natural DNA altered ladybugs for organic pest control today!