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Bing Local Maps – Congrats!

Posted: January 13, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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I am starting the New Year off right by actually saying something nice! (yes, I know I am always nice… 😉

Bing has actually impressed me today with their new feature… “Ask your friends to recommendpest control.” See image below…

Bing Local Maps SEO

Props to the Bing!

So the new feature is pure genius! It adds a personalized flavor to your search and helps the users get recommendations from friends. Overall it encourages further online conversation… which is what the internet is all about!

Sneaky?… just a little. The function actually post the Bing url on twitter, facebook, or in your email.  Smart though it titles your email for you and gives the results.  I love it because if you lived in Vegas and emailed this list to your friends asking for recommendations… Bulwark pest control would definitely win!  And of course the consumer would winwhich is what the SERP should want.

So hats off to Bing on this one!

… of course they may want to remove that spam guy in position #5, A Executive Pest Control Insurance??? P.O. BOX???

Still, Bing is moving in the right direction.

Need some help here... no thoughts come to mind.

Need some help here... no thoughts come to mind.

I am at a loss of words for what to put in this photo above.



Oh... No.. the paparazzi finally found me! Please stop!

Oh... No.. The paparazzi finally found me! Please stop!

Now showing on google maps.

Get a load of this guy! Its not him its the google maps they are after! Local hot spots are becoming hotter as google maps dons businesses with “We’re a Favorite Place on Google.” Okay… maybe not this hot.

Please give me your ideas on what to say or which one you like better.  Thanks!