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So last week was a pest control conference for Bulwark. I was busy. I got to run into a lot of friends. I am honored to work with such a great group of people. Some of these pest control managers truly amaze me. Don’t get me wrong. They are not the most articulate bunch. Many of them don’t have college degrees. And I don’t think any of us will be making the top 10 Gorgeous Pest Control Guys List, myself included. No, what amazes me about this good group of pest control guys is how much they care. They really care about people. They care about employees. They care about customers. They find satisfaction in serving and making people smile.

So upon seeing one of my fellow exterminators and asking him how he was doing he replied, “Living the pest control dream.”

Not to knock the guy, but I thought about this… yes a little too much.

“Living the Dream”

What does Living the Dream mean? Is that a good thing? I know that most intend for that to be a positive expression, but what about “Living life” or just “Living” or “Being Alive”? I don’t mean to knock the whole dream concept, but I feel that when you reach a point in life where you rather be awake then asleep, when getting out of bed in the morning is more exciting then dreaming, then you are really there.  My kids hate bed time. They want to stay up. They want to keep awake. They have a different outlook on living life versus dreaming about it. When did this change happen?

When did submersing one’s self in an alternate reality, like dreaming, become better than reality?

Again, I am not an extremist, and I recognize the need and importance of sleep, and yes dreams are good. But what I am getting at is this, while dreams are good, reality is better.

I don’t want to just dream about holding someone I care for dearly, I want to hold them in real life. You don’t want to just dream about Hawaii, you want to go to Hawaii. Yes. Have great dreams and goals, but make them a reality.