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Businesses can now track their customers on FourSquare!  The press is out and many are feeling that this is both freaky and cool.  If you don’t like it, then your free not to use it.  But none the less the information is there and could prove useful to those that pick the tool up and know how to use it!

Who needs mystery shoppers when you’ve got real shoppers?

I think it would prove very useful for certain types of businesses. If I were a retail store, a restaurant, or any other establishment that had foot traffic then I would be all over it! This would give you one more way to engage your consumer, and to track your consumer’s experiences with your location. J.D. Powers still put it the best, “Every good company listens to its consumers.”  So start listening!

Listen and Engage your customers!

Individuals that use foursquare are aware that they are publicly announcing who they are and where they have been.  For the crowd that says the business is stalking, I say the business is LISTENING.  Further, these individuals probably want to be heard.  If they don’t then they may have a rude awakening when you start to engage them, but better that you tell them.  I for one appreciate the individual that is willing to step out of his comfort zone and tell me that I have broccoli in my teeth.  Awkward? Yes.  But it’s open honest communication that two adults should be okay with.  Just my opinion.

But then again I’m a pest control guy… and no one really comes to visit our offices.  =)

How can you use Foursquare in your business?

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