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After a recent horrible experience with Google maps changing Bulwark Pest Control’s map result in Las Vegas, Bulwark posts it thoughts on Google Maps and Pest Control

It really is interesting how google’s recent update has affected so many different companies and industries. Google’s new update puts map results in all results that appear to be looking for local companies. In most searches now these results appear at the top. So the very first thing you see are what google deems to be local companies pertaining to your search. Unfortunately, there are a few hiccups. If your IP address doesn’t correspond with your actual home address then you will be served up different results. Some may not be so local. This is easily fixed if you login to google though and have them save your location. Which means they now have more info to spy on you with and better target you for their advertisers.

What is unsettling about this is the inaccuracies. I can go through and find several listings showing up in the top 10 of google’s results that are completely fake addresses. Or worse yet, are the same company with multiple addresses. But this may not be the fault of the business owner as other advertisers and online marketers are trying to sell leads and gather more visitors.

I will tell you one thing, if the results are wrong, its not an easy fix. Or if it is an easy fix for unclaimed listings then watch out, because devious individuals may hi-jack your listings.