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I ran across a new logo today after reading about Green Servers on Blog Pest

It’s your handy dandy Green Certified Website logo: And you can buy it now add it to your site and they will monitor how many visitors you get and determine the carbon impact of your website.  But wait, it gets better, Just by adding this logo to your site you will get visitors to Trust you more, stay longer, and link back to.  WOW! What a magically little logo! And you don’t even have to be green!  Just add the logo and watch the Green Cash Flow in.

BUT WAIT IT GET’S BETTER!  For each affiliate website that signs up after clicking through on your magical Green Website Logo you will get a commission.  So what we are really saying when we say Green is $GREEN$.

And Buy now and we will throw in your FREE EMEPROR’S NEW CLOTHES!!!



….Sorry got a little carried away.

I will just finish up with one of my favorite quotes from Troop Beverly Hills. “Patches, we don’t need no stinking patches.”

After Green week there has been a lot of buzz on Green Pest Control.  Jump on the band wagon before it leaves town… What’s that? What is Green Pest Control?

Well unfortunately nobody knows, but for many of the proponents at the Green Pest Management Conference in Dallas, Green is the color of money. But they warn not to participate in “GREEN WASHING”.  They say be real about your efforts to offer a Green Pest Control Solution.  Despite the fact that there is no solid ground under such claims.

But, the good news is that there is hope for a greener pest control future.  With this big green wave that hits every year, more and more pest control operators are starting to move toward friendlier solutions.  Just the mere fact that they had so many show up for the conference is a step in the right direction.  Hopefully those that attended don’t take the green as in say what you want and get more “Green” from the customers.

The best Green Practice? – Do what is best for the customer with the least amount of exposure or risk to them and the environment.  Don’t take the easy road and just blanket a home with unnessesary products.  In my humble opinion, a well placed product can be much more effective then a mine-field of products.

And whatever you do, don’t just blanket yourself green when it doesn’t mean a thing to you!