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It all started with a little success from a place called Groupon.

Groupon raked in huge coupon marketing success. Google wanted to buy, Groupon said “No”. Google Offers was born. Living Social (the firstborn), Kudzu Deals, Facebook Deals, Phoenix New Times…. The list of companies trying to compete in this seemingly new and fantastic coupon space is growing… and growing… and YES AMAZON jumped on board. Here is my first email from Amazon Local, received today.

And they just assume that you want to be in on their local coupon deal email list… But you can simply unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of their email. (Doing that now)

Unsubscribe from Amazon LocalThat was pretty easy. First and Last Email from Amazon Local.

Haven’t you ever heard of Coupon Dependency?

This marketing tactic is very inciting for small businesses. It seems like a win because if you can still have a break even at 50% off then it’s worth it. Heck, if you can make a small profit as a restaurant by offering a $10 deal to get them in the door and spend more then it sounds even better. At the very least, they know that this marketing tactic is actually reaching an audience. But if you are having to double the price of your Phoenix Iron Gate to drop it down to get 75% off, then you risk loosing trust. And trust is the most valuable piece of any business.

Most marketing tactics for local businesses carry so much unknown, that small businesses can’t find that trust to take take the risk. This coupon deal produces real people. And nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. The down side… What crowd are you drawing? Are you drawing in the penny pincher, non tipper? Is that your ideal customer? Before you charge off down a road of coupon mania, you might stop and look at where that road leads. Coupons are not a complete marketing strategy.

See Google offers live now here:

Where is Google Offers headed Next?

Per their drop down menu:

  • NYC Downtown
  • NYC Midtown
  • NYC Uptown
  • Oakland/EastBay
  • San Francisco

The 360 Images are of particular interest

You probablly missed my orginal post on the 360 images: Google Maps Will Be Adding Interior 360 Photos for Local Businesses

It’s been awhile since I caught wind of this one. Well they are now moving a step closer. Of course you have to buy in to the Google Offers in order to be first in line.

 Check it out now: Look inside 

But they are not showing the actual 360 image yet in Google Places page. But you will find some images marketed “google” in this particular Place Page, images that came from the same 360 camera.

Check out the images in their place page.

Yes… I know a certain Charlotte pest control company that would love to have some of those images in their places page.