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So it’s Valentine’s Day! Yeah!! ..or Nay? For those that suffer through Valentine’s day, I understand. I feel the sentiment behind a friend’s words in saying, “it should be renamed ‘Singles Awareness Day’.”

But hey, being so closely named to this day, I have decided to embrace it and all the cheesiness that comes with it.

And as a pest control guy, this mean double “Love Bug” trouble.

bug-treat-recipeYes… that’s my crafty work.  I spent some time making these cute little love bugs. You can get your Love Bug Recipe here:

And beyond that, I played the romance killer in this short feature:

So there you have it…

Hope you have a Wonderful Happy Valentine’s Day!

oh.. and if you want to win a free year of pest control service in this year’s Valentine Video Contest, then might want to check out this link:


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22 Months for 3:25 minutes of video? That certainly is dedication. It also took 30 people to create and 288,000 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. The feat is nothing short of amazing. But was it worth it? How much money was spent? Simply attaching a dollar amount to a project does not mean its worth what was spent. When I think of artistic master pieces that took years to create I think of the Sistine Chapel, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore.

But this was still pretty cool.

The benefits are things like social mentions, links, and most of all fame. Is that lasting fame? Only time will tell.

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