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What do these 3 things have in common? SEO, coolness, and CONTEST!… So does Mike really deserves to win this contest?

BlueGlass TPA

BlueGlass TPA (Tampa, Florida) search marketing conference will have a tight group of SEO professionals. Smaller group means more opportunity to brain storm with with the mega minds of SEO. (Only 20 seats left… )

Authority Labs

Phoenix based company, Authority Labs,  is offering a free ticket to Bleuglass. They are pretty cool and their software rocks SEO socks as well.

Mike Halvorsen employee, who fought an Epic SEO Columbus battle, and likes to speed down Seattle street ways in Aston Martins. He also played a sweet game or two of pool with Mr. Matt Cutts of google.
And if you get Mike and Dennis G. together you will bet a lot more of this…
SMX-Thos003 (95)
Or we could look at this in a new light. Mike Halvorsen knows how to shoot a gun. So to Terrorist Proof an Airline, TPA, Mike wearing some handlebars is the way to go.

Who Deserves That Ticket to the Upcoming BlueGlass TPA?

<———– That was a link to Mike’s site. … click it to see his reasoning.

And here are a few take aways I got from last years Florida trip:

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