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So its taken me a week to get back to this, but last week my wife participated in Black Friday and the chaos that ensues on that day. My wife loves to shop, and she really likes to shop deals. So I was asking her about the newspaper ads. She was excited about what had been delivered in her newspaper… but she mentioned in passing… “the newspaper did charge me extra for the ads.”

excuse me…. what was that…

The Newspaper Charged the Reader for Black Friday Ads!

“Your kidding me.”

“No. They charged an extra dollar for the extra print.”

“They charged you the reader for more printed ads.”

“Yes. They mailed me a letter about it.”

“AND THEY MAILED YOU A LETTER ABOUT IT? But wait they don’t give you Sunday ads that week, right?”


So let me break this down for you.  The Arizona Republic charged its loyal reader an extra dollar to send more ads on Thursday. But they did not send Sunday ads… I don’t get it…

Let’s break this decision down… they sent out a letter… that cost a least $.30… to make $.70 off it’s loyal customer because they have to print more.


So besides the fact that the print is becoming more obsolete as time rolls forward, as a consumer I think they are missing the boat here all together.  Sure they just made $700,000 if their readership is a million.  But the abuse they just delivered to their loyal fan base is unheard of.  I personally could care less if I ever see a newspaper on my door or not.  I personally am likely to never visit ever again.  And I will most certainly not give them any links. Enough is enough.

Your a Newspaper! You make money from Advertisers! Charging your readers more money to print more Ads is Black Hat at its worst!