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I believe this about sums up the SEO’s encounter with the Panda.

Son: Dad can we get some more hits please?

Dad: No Google says we already have too much.

Google Panda: And just for asking… Bye-bye SEO shopping cart.

< Smashes the food on your table to oblivion >

Get in line… You never want to meet the Panda.

… Many SEOs and website owners aren’t laughing.

While I may jest about the Panda 2.2 roll out, many companies are struggling to keep afloat with Google’s new algorithm change. Desperately reaching for alternative methods to cope, like improper use of rel=canonical tags, to stop the blood flowing from their site’s life lines. When you put people in desperate situations you get panic and survival mode.

If you have seen the Kung Fu Panda 2.2 strike then you are not alone:

Reuben Yau with

Panda 2.2 Resources

Here are a few good resources to check out:

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