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How much plus 1 could a Google plus plus,

If Google could plus 1 Google plus?

So Google launches Google plus, and they just launched Google +1 earlier this year. So lets clarify this first. Google +1 is a search related function showing your friend’s recommendations next to search results. Google Plus is their new social media platform similar to Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus seems to have integrated +1 into their social scheme. However, items in Google Plus that receive a +1 do not show over into Google search results. Further, Google Plus is not showing in Google search results and is not searchable…. Why would a search engine take out the search function?

My Google Plus Post of this debauchery that is not* indexed by Google.

*So as of yesterday 7/14/2010 google began indexing and showing google+ in the search results.

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Thomas Ballantyne  –  Yesterday 2:59 PM  –  Public
I find it interesting that the Google +1 in Google Plus is only a +1 on the Post in Google Plus. A +1 in Google Plus does not show as a public +1 in Google search results for a link shared in Google Plus. I wonder how much weight a google +1 for a google plus link post will carry. #SEO
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Kristi Davis's profile photo Kristi Davis – I didn’t even bother reading those sentences, they are confusing. 🙂 I do find it interesting that this notified me that you shared a post with me. Even though you made it public. That was slightly odd.
Elmer Boutin's profile photo Elmer Boutin – I’m willing to bet that if you +1 a post in G+ it will carry at least a little weight as a “vote” for that site, much the same way a tweet or retweet does.
Steve Bitter's profile photo Steve Bitter – Yeah, I am in the same boat as Kristi. Like dude, you’re sitting like 5 feet from me. Just tell me in person!
Rick Galan's profile photo Rick Galan – I’m with you Kristi, on both counts. 🙂
Jon Henshaw's profile photo Jon Henshaw – Is this a trick?
Mike Ramsey's profile photo Mike Ramsey – That was so awesome to read. 😉 yeah. how did you get it to notify everyone when it was public, unless it was a public comment with a few people added specifically.
Thomas Ballantyne's profile photo Thomas Ballantyne – +Jon HenshawIn a way… I was testing the add notification for my entire SEO circle… Which means if you are reading this and didn’t get notified that you need to up your SEO skills. =)
Kristi Davis's profile photo Kristi Davis – So it was public and you selected SEO circles? Why would we all get a notification though?
Brian Farr's profile photo Brian Farr – Wait a minute, I didn’t get notified! Should I be offended? Too late to answer that now! =/
Thomas Ballantyne's profile photoThomas Ballantyne – +Elmer Boutin I am also guessing that they will be using the +1 as a way of measuring engagement, social influence, and authority.
Thomas Ballantyne's profile photo Thomas Ballantyne – +Rick Galan Don’t worry… I only plan on sticking around and annoying others long enough to figure out the Google Plus gaming system. What can I say.. “Pest Control Guy“.
Mike Ramsey's profile photo Mike Ramsey – did you see i got hit up yesterday from a company that sells +1’s? That didnt take long.
Ian Lurie's profile photoIan Lurie – Sweet! What’re they charging? Kidding.
Thomas Ballantyne's profile photo Thomas Ballantyne – +Mike Ramsey That’s awesome. Didn’t take long. And I’ve got a couple of spam followers here on Google+ already!
Becky Jutzi's profile photo Becky Jutzi – I also believe this will be a RT kind of sorting. Google needs that info now that Twitter dumped them. And they’ll weight brands/influencers before the rest of us. Not every vote counts… the same way anyway.
Mike Ramsey's profile photo Mike Ramsey – I think the going rate is about .50 I bet that will decrease 🙂

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Kristine Schachinger – I think my head is spinning .. 🙂 and I am sure there are shops already set up somewhere.. I mean there are not 10 million SEOs on G+ *wink (PS interesting points Tom)

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Christina Peterson – Hey Thomas–in here, is it #SEO or +SEO? Just wondering…

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Chris Lang– The reason as I see it as of this second, G+ is on a https link, they are not being indexed by Google search. You can tell is something is in the G index by searching the URL, here’s one from your posts:

Set to public too. Returns a not found in Google search.
So my guess is at some point +1s will show in Google search, but not now since the permalink is not being indexed. Odd that huh?

Thomas Ballantyne's profile photoThomas Ballantyne – +Becky Jutzi … Break ups are always nasty.

Dr. Pete Meyers's profile photo Dr. Pete Meyers – How much wood would a +1 plus if a +1 could plus wood? ….What?

Nick Roshon's profile photo Nick Roshon – I had to read that a few times before I understood it. But yeah, more evidence Google+ is still a work-in-progress…

Chris Apple's profile photo Chris Apple – Say that three times fast…go!
Dr. Pete Meyers's profile photo Dr. Pete Meyers – Seriously, I know what you mean. I get why the +1’s in G+ don’t count, since they’re a lot easier to accumulate, but using the “+” terminology everywhere is confusing at bes Even for non-SEOs, it’s a bit strange – if you +1 a link in G+, wouldn’t you also probably +1 it in search? The button looks the same. I think the average person is going to get confused fast. I like G+ so far, but +1 in general needs some work.
Kristi Hines's profile photo Kristi Hines – I thought the more +1’s and comments a Google+ post gets, the higher it will be in a follower’s stream. Kind of like the Facebook EdgeRank thing.
Reuben Yau's profile photo Reuben Yau – It’s probably “closed” this way as part of the limited field test. I’m guessing they’ll eventually open it up and allow Google Plus +1s to count as signals in web search.
Michelle McManus's profile photo Michelle McManus– I got it after reading it a couple times and it is a very intriguing question. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out, especially where business is concerned.
Thomas Ballantyne's profile photo Thomas Ballantyne – +Michelle McManusSorry.. not trying to be difficult, but I want to blame Google for their insertion of contending names in an effort to be cryptic. …I guess they do have an image to maintain. Oh the Great OZ!
Michelle McManus's profile photo Michelle McManus – Oh, I enjoyed the post! I love that crazy talk.
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Google’s announcement of its new +1 feature looks like an obvious attempt to compete with Facebook’s “Like” button. If you like a page’s content, you’re able to +1, or vote, for Google’s link that takes you there.  And just like that your friends with whom Google associates you will be notified that you +1ed the page.  Since this has been announced, much has already been said regarding the usefulness of the feature.  In the long run, we thought +1 was just going to be another Buzz or Wave.  Great in theory, but failing in execution.

Or…What if Google’s +1 is really just a Trojan horse for all those spammers and gamers in cyberspace?

The Plot

I’m going to be Mr. Journalist here for a minute, and disclaim that I’m not going to reveal my sources, but let’s just say that I have a few friends that work for the search engine.  One of them I co-captains with on our high school cross country team.  The other dated my sister and owes me several, very large favors.

I can tell you that this will all come to fruition tomorrow when Google pulls the meanest April Fool’s joke ever conceived since the beginning of the internet.  Google knows that the only people that know about their +1 feature are SEO pros and marketers.  Some of the coding was leaked prior to their public announcement, but they know who is using it and who is already seeing the feature in their search results.  Google, one of my friend’s teams to be exact, is already tracking a couple half-created bots and have their eyes on a few more key targets that they expect to have something up and running by tonight.

This will be Google’s Trojan horse, sent among an unknowing city of Troy.  Troy welcomes horse.  Greek, Google, makes inside the fortified SEO’s wall.  Troy is overtaken.

Red carpet for you Lemming.

Who’s going to save the Lemmings?

The social wave is HUGE. Many people and companies are hoping on their surfboards for the very first time. Google is trying to find a way to police the waters.  Large companies are entrusting their brands into the hands of SEO and marketing firms.  Their job?  Get ranked.  Get seen.  Garnish page views.  Amass Facebook Likes.  Rack in Retweets.  Stack on Shares.  Etc, etc.  N..E..way possible.  In recent weeks we’ve seen big names like Forbes and JC Penny get hit for black hat link building. The Kung Fu Panda chopped a few more heads off. But Google’s not stopping there…  The +1 feature is to weed out those that game our social circles.

Think of it like the old Lemmings game.  Certain lemmings in the crowd have a specific assignments that benefit the group.  Some of them even sacrifice self for the betterment of the team.  Google just sent a lemming headed for the nearest cliff holding a giant “+1” sign.  Their upcoming weeding tactics will be more sophisticated and much more stealth, but their first effort is for the masses.

We know quite a bit about pest control and a little about SEO.  Let’s just say that there are a lot of bugs that are about to get squashed.