Do you want twitter followers? Well this a little on why I follow or unfollow people on twitter. Not claiming any secrets on how to gain followers. But perhaps a little honesty from a pest control guy could help one figure out this twitter thing.



I follow people that are willing to converse with me. If you follow me and have a conversation with me on twitter then I’ll usually follow you. If you follow me and respond to a DM of mine, then I’ll follow you. I have a lot of conversations in private. There is a lot that is said behind closed doors. I find those conversations very valuable. There are a lot of people that I check in on, but don’t follow. I use lists.


I unfollow people that self promote too much. I unfollow people that publish just links. Sorry, but if you if I do follow you and you unfollow me, then I take that as a sign that you don’t want to openly converse anymore and I’ll unfollow you. And yes, I trim down my list on occasion, so if you’re not following me, or not conversing with me then you’re probably not making the cut. Sorry Bob.

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Facebook has been a bit more private use for me so I only allow people I’ve meet in real life into my facebook circle. But don’t worry, you’re not missing much if you aren’t there. I don’t facebook much.

I’d also like to thank Kenneth Gonzalez for his engaging conversation that help spur some of this post. Find his blog at, … Now back to that problem of me following 666 people. Sorry but need to change that. If you still say, “I don’t get twitter.” then you should read some of the following articles. Or just start posting comments and questions below. …Its called engagement.

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  1. First off, thanks for your thoughtful response. It’s rare these days and completely appreciated.

    On your simple rules? I like them. I probably use my own variation on them… and those variations continue to evolve over time.

    The single highest criteria I have for follows is interaction — that’s why I am on Twitter in the first place. I also have heartburn with shameless (or constant) promotion and endless streams of mindless retweeting. No thanks, I’ll pass.

    My social media activities have helped me meet people all over the world, the majority I’d never have connected with otherwise. It gives me the chance to have meaningful dialogue and start relationships which go way beyond just tweeting and messaging.

    And I don’t take unfollows personally. I am not for everyone. Heck, sometimes I’m sure even I wouldn’t follow myself! LOL Seriously speaking, I do like to know why people follow me, especially when it’s not obvious. 99.99% never say, but it’s not because I don’t ask. I have asked, but more often than not, those that reply are those I already knew why.

    I’m no social media expert, but I enjoy it and I try to ensure that anyone that sees me sees more than just my work — to the maximum extent possible, they see me — good, bad or indifferent. Some people won’t like that and that’s OK

    I don’t mind when people move along. If they need to unfollow because I didn’t follow back, so be it. If they’re following me to “punch up their numbers”, up their Klout or whatever other thing they think makes their tweeting worthwhile, they’re following the wrong person.

    I am a person of strongly held views and like engaging with others who are of similar disposition, whether we think the same way about a given issue or not. That’s what I value. If I don’t get that from our interactions, it’s likely we won’t have much to say to each other anyway.

    All of this started with a simple RT of yours. Who knows where it can go from here!?!?


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