Facebook is a great place to assist business owners small and large in their marketing efforts.  This post is not going to give the finer details on how to do facebook marketing. It is a quick guide to Facebook Likes and Facebook Shares. Some asked me to explain this too them… so if you found this post because you searched… “How to Like a Comment of Facebook” or “How to Share a Post or Video on Facebook” then you are not alone.

How to like a comment on Facebook

How to Like a Comment on Facebook

How to Like a Comment

When you like a comment that individual will be notified. Liking comments helps further engage your customers, if you are a business, or  your friends if you are using a profile page.

Plus, the comments with the Likes will show higher on the facebook page. Right now Bulwark Exterminating’s Facebook page has a customer comment on top, not because it’s the most recent, but because it has likes.

How to Share a post on Facebook

How to Guide Facebook

How to Share a Post or Video on Facebook

The benefits of sharing wall posts is that more people will find your fan page, and hopefully we will get more fans because of it and/or more business. If you feature a blog and it gets shared then you will bet more visitors to your blog. Youtube video… the same thing. More views.  This helps content go viral on Facebook, because people are sharing the content, the share it, like it, repost it…. got it?

Plus, these items that get shared and liked the most will gravitate to the top of your Facebook page.

Bonus Share

You will also find a share button on your business page at the very bottom of the column to the left. This Share is for your actual facebook page.  Get fans to Share this and you are on your way to Facebook Rock Stardom.

Well that sums up our first in Facebook Basics How to Guide. Get out there and start sharing!

Guide on getting Facebook Likes/Fans

  1. kevin lee says:

    Thanks….for good info..
    I just setting up facebook…^^

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