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Posted: January 20, 2011 by Thos003 in Social Media
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Klout vs Peer Index

Very cool post about a new monitoring tool for social media influence.  But wait, doesn’t this take out some of the genuineness of social media? Clearly the power behind social media is that individuals can influence one another. Typically its a peer. Kind of like that class on “peer pressure” that we took in middle school, but now being the peer that can pressure others is a good thing. <Dangerous>

My comment:

This is all very cool and people like to see how they score and ultimately how they measure up. But when is someone going to produce a tool that will not only rank you and score you but then give you advice on how to improve your scores.  While this should be self evident, people that like to game want the rules of the game.

Either way, I still must wonder if Klout scores and social influence scores are more damaging then they are helpful.

Thanks for the comparision and info.

So what do think? Do social media scoring systems destroy the social media platform or do they help people realize “hey, I am big doofus so I need to chill on the twitter-thon”?

And get this, right now you can go find which U.S. cities are the most social media savvy. Social Media Rankings .

And apparently “The average New Yorker has nearly twice as many total friends across all social networking sites as business people in Houston.”

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