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Posted: January 12, 2011 by Thos003 in SEO, Social Media
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You can order it on Amazon.

A true cynic would adhere to the strictest of definitions and argue that mankind does not know of the Last Orginal Idea. Per Webster.

Original: adj
1 : of, relating to, or constituting an origin or beginning
2 a : not secondary, derivative, or imitative

As one thought is always derived of another, original thoughts that are not secondary or that do not build upon pre existing knowledge and/or understanding are non-existent. Further, for a cynic that believes in an omniscient God, man has never had an original thought. For an all knowing God would have seen all possibilities within this world prior to them becoming reality. Hence our finite minds could never have the capacity to formulate a beginning in contrast to an infinite timeless being.

But I am not so cynical. Creativity spurs me on to a more loosely defined original, per Webster text, “3. a… fresh initiative” (see A fresh initiative, a new start, a new beginning. Taking something old and breathing into it new life. And funny as it may seem the “archaic” definition of original per Webster is much more appealing “the source or cause from which something arises” An idea having an origin. An idea being created now in this moment somewhere in this vast world would be the Last Original Idea. Perhaps these ideas have a seed. Perhaps sowers of ideas spread nearly identical seeds across the fertile minds of men. Notwithstanding, each plant, each child, carries its own unique original fingerprint.

A critic may say, that love is nothing new. But to that girl who discovered this profound emotion today, her life is taking on a fresh initiative. The unoriginal thought would be that love has already been sung about a billion times over. Yet some artist dares to create a new love song every day. Perhaps it is egotistical and self gratifying to say I am an optimist that believes the last original thought just happened. But my only option as a cynic is to believe that the last original thought happened well before the dawn of man. So if I must take an extreme, the last original idea is happening now.

Despite this small difference, Alan’s book, The Last Original Idea, is still a wonderful read. The book is witty, dry, sarcastic, informational, and enjoyable. Written with raw brain power. The summary of the evolution of communication is superb. It’s a power packed book for such a quick read.


Alan K’necht- President of K’nechtology Inc. I had the fortune of meeting Alan at #BlueGlassFL where he and I chatted and bantered. Along with a signed copy of his book, I also got Alan’s Meet’Meme card.

Geri Rockstein – While I have not had the pleasure of meeting Geri yet, now, having read the book, I will cherish that introduction all the more. Geri has not only helped create this book, but she also finds time to coach a Special Olypics swim team. She is a model individual for sure.


I am NOT being paid to post this. I truly enjoyed Alan’s book. If you liked to order you own copy visit AMAZON Nor am I an affiliate for Amazon. Good things deserve to be recognized.

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