Map Showing on Page #2 for Local Search

Posted: November 29, 2010 by Thos003 in Google Updates, SEO

If you are looking for local Atlanta pest control services you might find a few more local exterminators hanging out on page 2.

Search for Atlanta Pest Control

Trying something new these days is all the search engine rage. Well for those that care to venture past page 1 of the story, one may now find a local map on page 2. Searching for Atlanta Pest Control results today I was a little shocked to see the local pack showing up on page 2. Not a complete set of 7 but a short stack of 3, with 10 traditional organic results below that. These local guys really take up the search engine territory leaving a lot of big SE-O-boys looming. But hey if you are building on someone else’s turf don’t cry when they kick you out of the sandbox.

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