How to Create a Suggested Search in Google

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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Google Suggested Search - Bulwark Exterminating

Google Suggest are created based on search queries. According to Google the suggested search is beneficial because it will autocomplete common searches saving your fingers and catching mistakes.  The suggested search may also be based on your search history when you are signed into Google making it easier for you to do your favorite searches.

The problems with suggested search? Some people don’t like some of the suggest search options. Like a skydiving company that gets “skydiving plane crash” as a suggested search. Google employees argue that it is offering a blended search. Others complain about Google Instant being more of “Google Influence”. They don’t want the search engine thinking for them.

And there is always the question of what if you could INFLUENCE GOOGLE SUGGEST?

Well according to Brent Payne you  most certainly can…

According to Brent Payne, #baldSEO,  it only took 500 search queries in 2 weeks at $.10 per query to create a suggested search for “Brent Payne Drummer”. So for $50 you can place a suggest search into Google for a low volume search phrase. What’s the big deal?  It’s influence.  You can influence buyers of low volume search.  You can insert doubt about brand names. You can insert competition into low volume name searches.  You can suggest… as Google Suggest.  What may appear as an unbiased 3rd party suggestion my turn out to be a sly $50 mindshare that will lead you to another destination.

And just for clarification, suggested search isn’t limited to just Google but is found in Yahoo and Bing as well.

Thomas Ballantyne

Don’t mind me I am just the pest control guy…

  1. richtz says:

    What role does geographic distribution of the searches play, if any?

    • thos003 says:

      I am confident that local searches of terms affect the local results of google. So if Bulwark Exterminating is getting more search volume in Austin then it will improve Bulwark’s local rank for pest control in Austin.

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