Review of Danny Sullivan’s AZIMA presentation

Posted: October 14, 2010 by Thos003 in Marketing, SEO, Social Media
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Danny Sullivan put on quite a good show at #AZIMA. He began by echoing his Search Engine Land post about Google not dying off and that they are still growing despite a possible 1% shift in market share.

Arguing  that Bing is only making small headway from their offline TV marketing ads push and that when the ads stop this won’t really equate to a trending market shift. Ultimately Bing is only claiming a definitive 2nd place since they bought out Yahoo the other 2nd place contender. Google will be around for a long time… “they’ve been dying for a long time!” So with a dash of good humor Danny debunks the idea that Google is yesterdays news and shows his slight affection for the “Google world.”

Danny made some good points on how Facebook has social down and that Google and Facebook really shouldn’t be fighting each other. Poll of audience and those that are spending on both, only one resp0nded that she pulled some of their Google budget to place ads on Facebook. Most people are willing to spend on both as they are different marketing machines.

Most notable of last nights audience feedback questions. How many of you like Google instant? How many of you hate Google instant?

More hands raised for hating Google instant.

And noteworthy, By raise of hands, Who in here trusts Google?

Most of the audience trusts Google, over a few that do not trust Google.


@schachin #Finally! RT @Thos003: #AZIMA @dannysullivan People want this battle between facebook and google but they do different things.
@dannysullivan I think it will be hard for google to compete with facebook on a social network level.

RT @Thos003: #AZIMA @dannysullivan Google has face recognition but they just don’t implement it.

#AZIMA is the #SEO going to change away from links? … @dannysullivan Well why don’t they update my TV? It works.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Rep from adwords keyword tool says … Uh yeah it’s a bug… we are getting that resolved.


Danny, Fionn, and Thomas the pest control guy... Lucky me!


#AZIMA @dannysullivan it’s hard to answer that question without knowing your feelings on google suggest..@fionnd  #sarcasm

#AZIMA From Audience… “google suggest… They say it’s on search volume. They are lying. Currently being sued for this statement” @fionnd

#AZIMA @dannysullivan people will say Google has a monopoly.. People are choosing to use google …  that’s different. It’s a monoply by choice.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Yelp says that 27% of yelp search is done on mobile devices.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan who would of thought that I would go to a computer and ask advice rather than a friend?

Scary? – RT @abbygilmore: “You tell Google things you wouldn’t tell your friends, and its worked out well for you” -@dannysullivan #AZIMA

#AZIMA @dannysullivan …connected to @mattcutts via digg but perhaps not very long if digg dies.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Asked audience how many just trust Google? … More positive response than negative from audience.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan OH from Google Employee… “we will get it by hook or crook” #socialmediadata

#AZIMA @dannysullivan is down playing the impact of Facebook and social on search and Internet marketing.

AZIMA @dannysullivan problems with social networks .. How do you filter true friends.

RT @Thos003: #AZIMA so… Google instant is cheating?… More people in audience don’t like google instant.

RT @Thos003: #AZIMA @dannysullivan No one really has real time down. No not even Google.

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Twitter and brand watching is down… But responding to customer isn’t good marketing it’s customer service. #exactly

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Bing will become #2 in mindshare eventually market share. (that happens when you take out Yahoo)

#AZIMA of course Google now counts instant search after each 3 second pause. #seo

#AZIMA @dannysullivan Bing is inflating numbers b/c they are counting clicks on images on homepage to more info.

And Congrats on the Can Food Drive!


Spam Can! Would you expect anything less from a SEO can food drive?


Danny Sullivan’s Slide Share of the presentation:

Abby Gilmore ask’s Danny Sullivan what’s the future of search in less than 1 minute.

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