The Art of Strategy

Posted: August 24, 2010 by Thos003 in business

Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” has made it’s way into the hands and minds of great and powerful men and women though out history.  Some argue that the book may have actually been mis-titled and perhaps the word “War” is better substituted with “Strategy”

Either way, true principles of business, relationships, tactics, management, and strategy can all be found within Sun Tzu’s writings.  He was a great teacher. But clearly I am not the first to think so, and with new translations being reproduced every so often Sun Tzu’s writings have become immortal.

So today’s post was inspired by the following:

The Concept of “Interests” in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

Very good read and the general idea is to define your goal and keep your eye on the target, or “interest”.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I got an error when leaving my response, and as I hate to loose my thoughts I decided to post it here instead.

“American military thought flies in the face of these principles.” @acs

I think the problem with the American interest is that it is not a singular interest shared by the whole. It is much easier for a dictator to go to war than a democracy.

… not that I am an expert.  I only deal with battling little bugs and setting up a bulwark to keep the pests out.

But great post. One’s interest and intent should always be clearly defined.

-Don’t mind me I am just a pest control guy.

  1. […] There are many that believe that SEO is constantly changing.  SEO today isn’t what it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even 5 months ago.  Even those that pronounce SEO dead.  Those that chase after the blowing sands of SEO could find themselves in quick sand or buried in the next desert sand storm.  How do we then avoid the pitfalls of the changing winds?  We develop a deeper understanding of how the winds change, why the winds change, and the pressures that affect those changes. We seek to understand the winds. Once we understand the wind, it’s patterns, it’s reasons, it’s methodology, we can then apply that understanding to our values and/or test it against our core interests. […]

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