New In Twitter: Also followed by…

Posted: August 13, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun
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New feature in Twitter today!  AWESOME!

Genma Holmes - Green Pest Control

The above is a screen shot of BugsAct - Genma Holmes

I know I am probably one of few twitter peeps that uses twitter’s actual website… But there are benefits like this one.

When you visit your neighbors page now you can see what connections you share. You can also see what lists you have them on.  So in my case, if I met you at a Green Pest Control conference and I put you in that list then I can remember when I visit your page our history…  Or our shared hobbies, … or our shared interests.

Plus, on the right hand side of the page you can actually put faces together… if you are the type of person that forgets names but never a face (guilty), than this feature is fantastic.

Thanks Twitter!…

I hope that this is your excuse for being overcapacity this week. Either way, LOVE IT!


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