Monkey Squatter or Drink Ticket Courage?

Posted: July 14, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun
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What’s a SEO/SEM meet up with out twitter these days?  Well tried to liven up the chatter at last night’s #AZIMA meet up by offering a free t-shirt to the best tweet.  But, I am split on which tweet won.  So please add your vote…


Are two tweet contestants are… or wait should I introduce my panel before announcing the winner…???

Who invited the wings to fly monkey squatter? #azima
– @MikeCorak


Thinking about volunteering your site for a live review? Use your drink ticket for extra courage! #azima – @MikeCorak

Live-wire blogging, Via your local Pest Control Guy.

I record you decide.


And hats off to @RedlinCook for orchestrating the new website.

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