Does Your SMB Need A Web Site?

Posted: July 10, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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“Shhhh…. Don’t give away the real value of a web presence!”

-My inner SEO

But on the other hand, I have to admit that if business is going good then why would I change? If business is going bad, then why would I spend more money? Business owners are owners. They want to be in control. They want to feel like they know what’s going on. They have to appear to be a strong fearless leader. Exposing to them their weaknesses isn’t going to make many friends. As well intended as one might be in telling someone their fly is open, you must realize that your announcement may not be well received.

SEOs and SEMs need to realize that they are asking for money. They are asking for an “investment”. Do I trust you a stranger to make an investment for me? Web practitioners need to be honest with themselves and tell the truth, “SMB’s don’t really need a website.” Many will survive without one. Many will die even with one. A website is supplemental.  Yes, those that understand SEO and are passionate about it want to sell it to everyone. But websites, web development, SEO, social media… its not for everyone.

Does your SMB need a website? No.  Does your SMB want a website? Absolutely.

And since this post was inspired by Lisa’s post 11 Reasons Your SMB Still Needs a Web Site at, I might add that she makes some good arguments as to why you WANT a website.

But don’t mind me I am just the Pest Control guy.

  1. arun says:

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  2. alamin says:

    Many internet marketers blow mountains of start-up cash on their websites just trying to break into search engine rankings. I was one of these internet marketers.

    I spent cash on get-rich-quick submission services that claimed they would submit my page to thousands of search engines. . .for a small fee. I spent money to get registered with big name search engines. I even spent money on search engine optimization services.

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