Video Game Day! …Legend of the Red Dragon Anyone?

Posted: July 8, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun, SEO
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So what are the chances that my co-worker yesterday was telling me about his “Super Geeky” friend that use to play this game online before Al Gore had even invented the internet.

“Yea. It was like a DOS based game or something.  No images. Just input commands and stuff.” – Steve

“Are you talking about the original World of Warcraft, where you had an Arena, and Inn, the Woods…” – Me

“I don’t know man.  All I know is that he was staring at a screen playing a “video game” with no graphics. He had like dialed into someone elses computer or something.” -Steve

“You mean a BBS board right?” -Me

“Is that what it was called?” -Steve….

….So to make a long story longer…..

I use to play the original online video game!… except it wasn’t really online.

Legend of the Red Dragon - (L.O.R.D.)

Legend of the Red Dragon - (L.O.R.D.)

I guess I wasn’t quite an average kid after all growing up.  Yes, I actually got unto BBS boards, with my 26k Modem.  The White Ninja’s BBS board was the best.  He had the “Anarchist Cookbook” on it for download!  … But I never downloaded that one, *Piff* I was never that nerdy. I was only there to play “Scorched Earth”.

Today, I am much less of a Video Game addict.  Unless you call Google a video game… What? Seriously, I haven’t played my iPhone games for over 2 weeks now.  BTW who ever said that video games will turn your brain into mush… HA!

So here is my video game system pedigree:

Pong – the original with the two paddles that hooked up to the UVF screws. (I think that’s what those screws to hook up the Antenna or gaming system were called.) Dusted off the set I found in Grandparent’s attic.

Atari 5200 – Never owned a 2600.  That was old news when I turned 8. The 5200 was hot! The joy stick had 4 buttons and an entire 10-digit keypad.  Stayed up all night playing that thing, to the point that about 3AM one morning, my TV made a pop sound and puff, a black cloud of smoke came up out of the back.

Nintendo Sorry, Saga, but you just didn’t make the cut in my house. BTW I don’t hold the world record for fastest Mario Brothers win, but I am pretty sure my friend does.  It was like 3 1/2 minutes from start to finish. But I probably do hold the world record for the most lives ever won on the game.  You know, jumping on the turtle to get more lives.  Well after 99 lives it starts going through letters, after Z hits it started going through asterisks and stuff… Well I got to the Flags.  Yes, like red and white signaling flags…. So yes I may have wasted my life playing video games, but I have a lot of lives to burn.

Computer Games – Command and Conquer by far is still my favorite.  Sorry Warcraft lovers, I just can’t get over the unit limits they set.  If I want 5000 Marines and no tanks then I should be able to get 5000 Marines. Besides that, Command and Conquer ran a lot smoother with the 5000 units than Warcraft ever did at it’s max units.

Today – iPhone is the only gaming system I have.  Twitter, Google, My Blog, that’s all the gaming I need, or can handle.

But hey look me up on Twitter if you are celebrating Video Game Day!


Just replace the VID with a S…. SEO GAME, yep… Back to work/play.

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