Happy Canada Day from a SEO Pest Control Guy!

Posted: July 1, 2010 by Thos003 in Just for Fun
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So I have grown a healthy appreciation for my Canadian neighbors recently.  In fact, some of the coolest SEO guys I met last month just happen to be Canadians! So here is a shout out to Rob Woods, in-house SEO for a Laminate Wood and Flooring company called BuildDirect.com. To a very interesting and savvy SEO team directed by Jeff Quipp, CEO of SearchEnginePeople.com, Canada Based. And there was Dennis Van Horn and Trevor Tessier. Love the Photo.

Bet you didn’t know that I am part Canadian, eh?

Well…sort of. My Grandma Margaret Stradling has two family lines that are from Ontario.

John Nicoll was an officer in the British Royal Army stationed in Quebec for many years. Upon retirement, he received land in Ontario and built a large farm there. His son Peter was born there in 1800.

Joshua Adams was a Loyalist to the Crown during the American Revolutionary War (that means he sided with the British). He received land in Ontario as compensation for his loyalty.

Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain (and the British monarchy) during the American Revolutionary War. They were often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men by the
Patriots, those that supported the revolution. When their cause was defeated, about 20% of the Loyalists fled or were
driven out of the US to resettle in other parts of the British Empire, in Britain or elsewhere in British North America
especially East Ontario and New Brunswick, where they were called United Empire Loyalists….

In the 1830’s missionaries proselyted in Ontario. The Peter Nicoll and Arza Adams families were converted and left their relatives in Ontario to join with the settlements in Missouri, then Nauvoo, and then to the Salt Lake Valley.

Arza Adams went on to settle the town of American Fork, Utah. Peter Nicoll and his sons followed the gold rush to California. Peter died there in a mine collapse. His son Alexander went back to Utah and married Arza Adams’ daughter Sabina and they were sent by Brigham Young to settle St. Johns, Arizona.

There is also a Canadian connection through Thomas Marvin Ballantyne Sr. Richard Ballantyne’s mother Ann Bannerman Ballantyne fled to Edinburgh after the Highland Clearances, but the rest of her family fled to Canada with Lord Selkirk.

There may also be some ties to the Thomas Ballantyne (13 August 1829 – 29 June 1908) who was a Canadian politician and Speaker of the Ontario Legislature. As long as he was a 1800 Canadian politician an not a 2000 US politician, I’ll claim him. He has his roots in Scottland as well. So somewhere some how I am related to him…. (Oh and sorry great relative Thomas Ballantyne for beating your wikipedia page in Google searches. Apparently my Twitter account is providing a better user experience.)

July 1st is Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

Don’t mind me I am just the Pest Control Guy!

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