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Posted: June 29, 2010 by Thos003 in SEO
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Quoting myself… ( I know… I need a me filter.)

“Links…. Yes linking is good. In fact, I highly recommend linking blog posts to blog posts. If I receive a link from a blog post I will almost always reciprocate that link, perhaps not immediately but sometime some where. Plus, I watch where my links are coming from. So if I see a link point to my blog then I will be visiting that blog to check out the link and the content.”


“I also watch my content on the internet.  It saddens me when I write something, it gets copied and no credit is given to the source.  I see this a lot.  Funny thing is that Google doesn’t mind content syndication, but they will penalize content duplication.”

So I began writing this post on another pest control blog…. Primarily because there are competitors that scrape  content for their blog and don’t link back to the source.  How do I know, because they scrape my content.  I don’t have a problem with fellow blogger using my content, syndicating my content, quoting me, or even scraping my content so long as they are giving proper attribution to where the content came from. If you believe in an open honest online community then you should obey proper etiquette.  Linking back to your sources is proper etiquette.

Further, Matt Cutts has suggested that hording all of your link juice may actually be a negative. “If it doesn’t look natural…”

Clearly there is a point where you are OVER-LINKING. Quick rule of thumb… 100 links should be your max number of links per page.

  1. D says:

    More links the better if they have good PR

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