Pest Control – Traditional vs. Environmentalists

Posted: June 25, 2010 by Thos003 in Organic Pest Control, pest control
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Just wanted to add a few more thoughts on Gerry’s post: Seeing the Green Light

Right vs. Left, Traditional pest controllers vs. environmentalists

“How Green is the pest control when you have to take 3 extra trips to the property?”

There is definitely a balance. As Bulwark’s marketer I try not to even broach the subject of “green pest control”. Does Bulwark Exterminating offer Green Pest Control? Yes Bulwark does offer an all natural pest control solution for those that request it.  In fact Bulwark was featured in the WSJ last year because of it, but people have very different concepts of what “Green” is. So I redefine the conversation. Do you want an all natural pest control solution that may be a little less effective or do you want our more effective regular service which we make low-impact and which only uses products that fall into the lower caution labels? By the way, arsenic works for killing bugs as well, and it’s ALL NATURAL, but I would never advise using arsenic for pest control.  Just because something is organic or all natural doesn’t mean it is safe. Further making a synthetic product based on natural products may require less energy, less gas, and fewer bulldozers running over trees to cultivate the natural product. But Bulwark also uses products that we feel are best for our technician’s health.  In fact, there are certain “all natural/organic” pesticides that we don’t use because of potential chronic risks. All of our products are found in the caution label range. By putting the safety of our technicians first and protecting them, we are in turn protecting our customers, their families, and their beloved pets.

And as time rolls forward and better products and techniques are created, Bulwark will evolve and improve and embrace those pest control advances.


  1. Katie says:

    For my garden I’ve found the best organic pest control is buying ladybugs and putting them in the garden to eat the aphids. For my house I’ve tried some at home remedies, but am never satisfied. I started looking for a pest control company with non hazardous treatments, surprisingly there are a lot to choose from.

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi Thomas,

    This conversation is good, whether here, there or everywhere.

    What natural products for structural pest control that are in general availability to pest control operators are you not using due to toxicity? The only one I can think of is Pyganic Pro, from MGK, which has a warning label. Products like the EcoPco line are I believe category 4 (low-toxicity), not completely organic due to the propellent used. The EcoExempt line is made from a combination of gentle oils that are “Generally regarded as Safe.” I know of many other product lines in that same class.

    I’ve heard this argument about table salt and arenic, but we don’t spread them across yards and so they are not leaching through the water table. If we did spread salt everywhere, it would be a disaster. We need to think about what is used, how it is used and where it is used, in what quantities. Generally speaking, natural products that one might sensibly use compared to non-natural products that one might sensibly use would favor those that are natural, from the standpoint of evironmental impact.

    I do whole-heartedly believe you and comment Bulwark for its’ green efforts and kudos on the WSJ article. On one item, I am totally behind your viewpoint. It is the technician who is most at risk, due to chronic exposure potential. Often, the green programs I have seen, do not fully take into account the situation of the techician when setting green standards. For example, I am against the push for backpacking only. Most chemical spills happen at time of mixing. The technician can minimize this risk to the environment and him/herself by using a power sprayer that is mixed once per day rather than once per job.

    • thos003 says:

      It is a good thing to discuss. And I am all for any natural service in any industry (food, medical, automotive) that is effective and safe. If you can clean my carpets as effectively with natural products… AWESOME!

      Bulwark adopted EcoSmart products back in 1998 and actually marketed them very heavily. I am a little concerned that they are now marketing their product to the public. I don’t know if that is going to go very well from them. But yes, EcoSmart is one of our choice products for all natural active ingredient pesticides.

  3. D says:

    Going green for pest companies is more then low impact products. Using less gas, paper, ect.

    • thos003 says:

      I agree. Simply adding GPS and GPS routing has cut down on gas use and consumption for Bulwark. Beyond that, Bulwark is researching alternative fuels for our trucks.

  4. Gerry Weitz says:

    I won’t name names, but I heard a very funny story about a major pest control company that did not have GPS. The Chief Operating Officer of the company was driving on route 8 from San Diego to Phoenix, when he saw one of his pest control trucks off-roading in the desert!

    GPS will help not only to be green, but it can certainly help you determine if you have a bad employee and protect you in any court proceedings. The GPS doesn’t lie.

  5. Stephen G says:

    It is so important to consider green alternatives in pest control.

    Thanks for a great article guys. Like your blog

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